Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1974 Wookiee n. (1974) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: (a member of) a race of tall, hairy, humanoid aliens
1973 AI n. (1973) a sentient computer; = artificial intelligence n.
1973 artificial intelligence n. (1973) a computer program or system capable of reasoning in a manner regarded as equivalent to a human being; a sentient computer
1973 gamer n. (1973) a participant in a war-game or role-playing game; a player or creator of such games
1973 holovid n. (1973) a holographic video; a device or system that displays or records holographic videos; cf. holovision n.
1973 Jedi n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force. Also in extended and allusive use; esp. someone (humorously) credited with great skill or preternatural powers. Also more fully Jedi knight, Jedi master
1973 multiverse n. 2 (1973) in figurative use: a sphere of very varied possibility, such as the mind or the imagination
1973 Padawan n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: an apprentice Jedi; also (often humorously) in extended and allusive use: a youthful, naive, or untrained person
1973 realspace n. (1973) the ordinary universe; space that exists outside of hyperspace, wormholes, or other notional regions used for faster-than-light travel; cf. otherspace n.
1973 SFX n. (1973) special effects
1973 shapechange v. (1973) to change shape, by an imagined natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
1973 skiffy n. (1973) = sci-fi n.
1973 starfaring n. (1973) interstellar traveling
1973 vibroknife n. (1973) = vibroblade n.
1973 xenocide n. (1973) the killing or attempted killing of an entire alien species; the killing of an individual alien; (also) a person who commits this act
1972 cryosleep n. (1972) = cold sleep n.
1972 downtime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the past; cf. uptime adv.
1972 novum n. (1972) an element in a work of science fiction that establishes that the work takes place in a non-normal world; the key science-fictional element in a work
1972 spacing n. 2 (1972) the act of executing a person by forcing them into space without a spacesuit; cf. space v. 2
1972 uptime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the future; cf. downtime adv.
1972 uptime adj. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the future; cf. downtime adj.
1972 xenopsychology n. (1972) the psychology of alien races
1971 astroengineering n. (1971) large-scale structural engineering in space, esp. the modification of the physical structure or configuration of a planet, a star, or an entire solar system; cf. terraforming n.; (also) (broadly) any form of engineering in or related to space, such as the design or operation of the propulsion systems of spacecraft
1971 genre science fiction n. (1971) stories, novels, etc. that are explicity written or published as science fiction, as opposed to ones which contain science fictional elements but are written or published as mainstream or in another genre
1971 high fantasy n. (1971) a subgenre of fantasy set in an imaginary world, typically having a medieval-style society and level of technology, usually featuring a quest or a conflict between Good and Evil, and often written in an elevated style
1971 launching laser n. (1971) a high-powered laser used for the launching of spacecraft, either by vaporizing propellant at the rear of the craft, or by radiation pressure on a solar sail n.
1971 Orwellian n. (1971) an admirer of the works and ideas of George Orwell
1971 pew n. (1971) (used to represent the sound of a weapon, esp. a beam weapon)
1971 posthumanism n. (1971) the idea that humanity can be transformed, transcended, or eliminated either by technological advances or the evolutionary process; artistic, scientific, or philosophical practice which reflects this belief; cf. posthuman n.
1971 terraformation n. (1971) = terraforming n.
1970 alternative history n. (1970) = alternate history n.
1970 auton n. (1970) an autonomous robot or robotic device; (specif. in form Auton) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a group of malevolent humanoid robots having plastic-like skin