Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1926 starship n. (1926) a spaceship capable of interstellar travel
1926 vacuum suit n. (1926) = space suit n.
1927 artificial gravity n. (1927) any technological effect that simulates gravity, esp. in a spaceship
1927 interplanetary n. (1927) a story about interplanetary travel
1927 Lovecraftian adj. (1927) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, esp. in featuring elements of supernatural and often existential horror
1927 materialize v. (1927) to appear in a (reconstituted) physical form after travelling through space or time by means of a matter transmitter or similar device
1927 non-human n. (1927) a non-human creature or organism, such as an animal, an alien, or a supernatural being; = unhuman n.
1927 plane n. (1927) = dimension n.
1927 pseudo-science n. (1927) = science fiction n.
1927 pseudo-scientific adj. (1927) of or pertaining to science fiction n.
1928 Earthbound adj. 1 (1928) headed toward Earth
1928 earthlike adj. (1928) resembling or like the Earth
1928 fanmag n. (1928) a magazine for fans; (specif.) = fanzine n.
1928 faster than light adv. (1928) at a speed faster than that of light
1928 floater n. (1928) a vehicle or device powered by antigravity; (specif.) an antigravity platform that flies relatively close to the ground
1928 hyperspace n. (1928) a dimension or other theoretical region that coexists with our own but typically has different physical laws, esp. such a region that allows an object to travel through it such that the total journey occurs at faster-than-light speeds; cf. hyperdrive n.
1928 Lunite n. (1928) a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunarite n.
1928 motherworld n. (1928) the planet on which a species originated; cf. homeworld n.
1928 pressure-suit n. (1928) = space suit n.
1928 robotic adj. (1928) of the nature of a robot; of or relating to robots; (also) that is a robot
1928 rocketeer n. (1928) a person who experiments with, pilots, or travels in a rocket
1928 spaceboat n. (1928) = spaceship n.; (sometimes specif.) a small spacecraft
1928 space-bound adj. 1 (1928) restricted to space
1928 space car n. (1928) = spacecraft n.
1928 space flyer n. 2 (1928) a space traveller; an astronaut
1928 space lane n. (1928) an established route through space
1928 space navigation n. (1928) navigation in space; = astrogation n.
1928 space traveller n. (1928) a traveller in outer space
1928 space travelling n. (1928) travelling through outer space
1928 space vehicle n. (1928) = spacecraft n.
1928 super-scientist n. (1928) a person who studies, or creates inventions using, super-science n.
1928 ultraphone n. (1928) a communications device that transmits messages faster than the speed of light
1928 videophone n. (1928) a telephone system that transmits video as well as audio; a telephone that incorporates a video screen on which the other party may be seen
1928 viewplate n. (1928) = visiplate n.