Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1917 energy gun n. (1917) a weapon firing a beam of energy n.; = ray gun n.
1917 ray gun n. (1917) a (typically) hand-held device that emits rays, esp. destructive or harmful ones; cf. slightly earlier ray projector n.
1918 cycle n. (1918) a (specific) interval of time
1918 planeteer n. (1918) someone who travels to or explores other planets
1918 super-weapon n. (1918) a weapon, esp. an extremely destructive one, based on highly advanced technology
1919 alien adj. (1919) of or pertaining to an (intelligent) being or beings from another planet; that derives from another world
1919 different story n. (1919) esp. in the early pulp era: a science fiction, fantasy, or weird story; an impossible story .
1919 fanboy n. (1919) a male fan (in later use chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one
1919 moon flight n. (1919) a flight to the Moon
1919 superscientific adj. (1919) of or pertaining to super-science n.; relating to or generated by the products of super-science
1919 Venerian n. 1 (1919) a native or inhabitant of Venus; = Venusian n. 1
1919 Venerian adj. (1919) pertaining to Venus or Venusians; = Venustian adj.
1920 inner space n. (1920) the human mind; the innermost parts of one’s psyche
1920 light-hour n. (1920) the distance light travels in one hour
1920 moon rocket n. (1920) a rocket designed for travel to the Moon
1920 robot n. (1920) a (semi-)intelligent artificial being typically made of metal and resembling in some way a human or other animal
1920 sentient adj. (1920) sapient; intelligent
1920 world-building n. (1920) the creation of fictional realms and their geology, geography, biology, etc., often including the history and culture of their inhabitants
1921 Betelgeusean adj. (1921) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Betelgeuse system or its inhabitants
1921 Betelgeusean n. 1 (1921) a native or inhabitant of the Betelgeuse system
1921 deep space n. (1921) that part of space far away from planets or stars
1921 geas n. (1921) in fantasy writings: a spell; a magical compulsion
1921 time binding n. (1921) in General Semantics: the characteristically human ability to transmit knowledge to succeeding generations by means of (written) language; (hence, in Fandom) the act of documenting fannish activities
1922 earth person n. (1922) a native or inhabitant of Earth; cf. earth people n.
1923 fantasist n. (1923) a writer of fantasy n. 1
1923 fantastic n. 1 (1923) of a creative work: that which has the qualities of fantasy n. 1
1923 parallel universe n. (1923) a universe conceived of as existing alongside our own, having many similarities to it but usually differing from it in some significant way (as having a different history or different physical laws)
1923 space travel n. (1923) travel through outer space
1923 weird adj. (1923) describing supernatural horror (often in weird fiction, weird tale, etc.)
1924 robotically adv. 1 (1924) in the manner of a robot; mechanically; without emotion
1924 space-borne adj. (1924) travelling or carried through space; also, carried out in space or by means of instruments in space
1924 space rocket n. (1924) a rocket designed to travel beyond a planet's atmosphere
1925 blaster n. (1925) a weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy
1925 matter-transmitting adj. (1925) designating or relating to a matter transmitter n.
1925 rocket-ship n. (1925) a spacecraft powered by rockets