Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1911 space flyer n. 1 (1911) a spacecraft
1912 adamantium n. (1912) a metal alloy having exceptional strength
1912 marsquake n. (1912) seismic activity on the surface of Mars
1912 space sick adj. (1912) suffering from spacesickness n.
1912 spacesickness n. (1912) sickness caused by the effects of space flight
1913 impossible story n. (1913) esp. in the early pulp era: a work of imaginative fiction; a different story n.
1913 Terranian n. (1913) a native or inhabitant of Earth; = Terran n. 1; also as adj.
1914 atomic engine n. (1914) an engine powered by nuclear energy
1914 dayside n. (1914) the side of a planet or moon that is in daylight, sometimes in the context of a planet with one side permanently facing its sun
1914 imaginative adj. (1914) denoting a genre of literature, etc. that is not realistic or mimetic; science fiction, fantasy, and horror collectively
1914 nightside n. (1914) that part of an astronomical body facing away from the nearest star; cf. darkside n. 1, farside n.
1914 time travel n. (1914) the activity of travelling into the past or future; hypothetical movement through time n.
1914 Wellsian n. (1914) a devotee or follower of H. G. Wells
1915 light-second n. (1915) the distance light travels in one second
1915 visiphone n. (1915) = videophone n.
1916 posthuman adj. (1916) of or relating to a hypothetical species that might evolve from human beings, as by means of genetic or bionic augmentation; cf. posthuman n.
1916 ray projector n. (1916) a large ray gun n.
1916 scientifiction n. (1916) = science fiction n. 2
1917 energy gun n. (1917) a weapon firing a beam of energy n.; = ray gun n.
1917 ray gun n. (1917) a (typically) hand-held device that emits rays, esp. destructive or harmful ones; cf. slightly earlier ray projector n.
1917 supervillain n. (1917) a person who uses superpowers or superscience for malevolent purposes
1918 cycle n. (1918) a (specific) interval of time
1918 planeteer n. (1918) someone who travels to or explores other planets
1919 alien adj. (1919) of or pertaining to an (intelligent) being or beings from another planet; that derives from another world
1919 different story n. (1919) esp. in the early pulp era: a science fiction, fantasy, or weird story; an impossible story
1919 fanboy n. (1919) a male fan (in later use chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one
1919 moon flight n. (1919) a flight to the Moon
1919 superscientific adj. (1919) of or pertaining to superscience n.; relating to or generated by the products of super-science
1919 Venerian n. 1 (1919) a native or inhabitant of Venus; = Venusian n. 1
1919 Venerian adj. (1919) pertaining to Venus or Venusians; = Venustian adj.
1920 inner space n. (1920) the human mind; the innermost parts of one’s psyche
1920 light-hour n. (1920) the distance light travels in one hour
1920 moon rocket n. (1920) a rocket designed for travel to the Moon
1920 robot n. (1920) a (semi-)intelligent artificial being typically made of metal and resembling in some way a human or other animal