Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1898 warship n. (1898) a military spaceship designed for combat
1900 aerocar n. (1900) a small, personal flying vehicle
1900 anti-gravitational adj. (1900) acting against gravity
1900 battleship n. (1900) a military spaceship having heavy armor and powerful weapons
1900 boat n. (1900) = spaceship n.
1900 cruiser n. (1900) a spaceship, esp. a relatively large and powerful military spaceship
1900 earthborn adj. (1900) originating on Earth, as opposed to outer space or another celestial body
1900 homeworld n. (1900) the planet on which an individual being was born; the planet on which a species originated; cf. slightly earlier home planet n.
1900 midspace n. (1900) outer space, viewed as an area in its own right
1900 vessel n. (1900) a spacecraft
1901 ant-man n. (1901) an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form
1901 Centaurian adj. (1901) of or relating to the constellation Centaurus or one of its star systems, esp. Alpha Centauri, or its inhabitants; cf. Alpha Centaurian adj.
1901 fannish adj. (1901) of or relating to a dedicated or obsessive fan
1901 space explorer n. (1901) one who explores space
1902 death ray n. (1902) a destructive beam of energy; a device that generates such a beam
1902 mind control n. (1902) the ability to control another person’s thoughts or actions telepathically
1902 outworld n. (1902) a planet that is remote from the homeworld; a planet far from a solar system’s star
1904 time-travelling adj. (1904) that or who travels through time n.
1905 communicator n. (1905) a device used for communication, esp. a small personal device used for voice communication
1905 ray-proof adj. (1905) impervious to energy rays, esp. ray weapons
1905 teleview n. (1905) a device or system for displaying video
1906 antigravity n. (1906) a hypothetical force opposed to that of gravity
1906 shapechanger n. (1906) one who can shapechange
1907 Earthian adj. (1907) of or pertaining to Earth or Earthlings
1907 Jupiterian adj. (1907) of or pertaining to the planet Jupiter or its inhabitants
1907 lifeboat n. (1907) a small spacecraft designed for escaping from a damaged spaceship or space station; cf. lifeship n.; escape ship n.
1907 little green man n. (1907) a intelligent humanoid inhabitant of outer space, esp. when regarded as stereotypical of hackneyed science fiction
1908 aerocab n. (1908) = aircab n.
1908 light-century n. (1908) the distance light travels in 100 years
1908 lunarscape n. (1908) a landscape on the Moon
1911 earthgirl n. (1911) a girl or woman from Earth
1911 porthole n. (1911) a small window in a spacecraft