Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
Vestan n. (1942) a native or inhabitant of the asteroid Vesta
Vestan adj. (1941) of or relating to the asteroid Vesta or its inhabitants
vibroblade n. (1940) a weapon or tool having a blade that vibrates rapidly
vibroknife n. (1973) = vibroblade n.
vidcall n. (1953) a call made on a videophone n.
videophone n. (1928) a telephone system that transmits video as well as audio; a telephone that incorporates a video screen on which the other party may be seen
videophone v. (1945) to call or speak to via videophone n.; to make a call on a videophone n.
videophonic adj. (1949) of or related to videophones or their use
vidscreen n. (1953) a screen capable of displaying a visual image; (also) a videophone n.
viewphone n. (1932) a telephone that allows caller and receiver to see one another; = videophone n.
viewplate n. (1928) = visiplate n.
viewport n. (1935) a (typically small and reinforced) window in a vehicle or structure designed to operate in space
viewscreen n. (1930) a television or similar electronic display screen for viewing images or data
vision plate n. (1930) = viewscreen n.
visiphone n. (1915) = videophone n.
visiphone v. (1940) to use a visiphone to call or speak to someone
visiplate n. (1930) = viewscreen n.
visiscreen n. (1932) = viewscreen n.
visor screen n. (1931) = viewscreen n.
Vulcan n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race, characterized by strictly logical and rational thinking and the suppression of normal human emotions; (hence) a person regarded as having similar characteristics
Vulcan mind meld n. (1968) = mind-meld n.
Vulcan nerve pinch n. (1968) a one-handed pinch delivered (chiefly by Vulcans) to the base of a person’s neck that immediately renders the victim unconscious
waldo n. (1942) a remotely operated body, arm, etc., used variously to extend the user’s natural abilities, perform work in an inhospitable environment or at a distance, etc.
wallscreen n. (1931) a large wall-mounted video display
warp n. (1936) = space warp n.; travel by means of a space warp, travel at warp speed; (also) = time warp n.
warp v. (1932) (intransitive) to travel through space by means of a space warp n.; (transitive) to cause to move through space, to another dimension, etc., by means of a warp
warp drive n. (1948) a device by which a spaceship is enabled to travel through space by means of a space warp; a faster-than-light drive
warp speed n. (1952) a faster-than-light speed, attained by a spaceship with a propulsion mechanism capable of manipulating space-time; (also, in extended use) an extraordinarily high speed
warship n. (1898) a military spaceship designed for combat