Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1979 generation starship n. (1979) = generation ship n.
1979 gravitied adj. 2 (1979) having artificial gravity
1979 gynoid n. (1979) a robot having female or feminine characteristics; = robotrix n.
1979 military science fiction n. (1979) a subgenre of science fiction that focuses on the military and warfare, esp. when the setting is outer space or other worlds
1979 SF/F/H n. (1979) abbreviation for science fiction, fantasy, and horror
1979 xenocidal adj. (1979) of, pertaining to, or involving xenocide n.
1980 carbonite n. (1980) a carbon-based material in which a person can be cryogenically preserved
1980 Darth n. 2 (1980) (used as a title before the name of someone regarded as evil or an enemy)
1980 replicant n. 1 (1980) an artificial being in the form of a human or other creature; an android
1980 uplift v. (1980) to transform a non-sentient species into a sentient species, esp. by genetic engineering
1980 uplift n. (1980) the making of a sentient species from a non-sentient one, esp. by genetic engineering
1980 uplifting n. (1980) = uplift n.
1980 xenopsychologist n. (1980) a specialist in xenopsychology n.
1981 big dumb object n. (1981) a large, mysterious, alien-made artifact encountered in space or on another world
1981 Clarke belt n. (1981) the ring-shaped region around the Earth containing all possible geostationary orbits
1981 doppel n. (1981) a duplicate version of a person, as a clone, a virtual-reality representation, a shapeshifter, etc.
1981 filker n. (1981) one who sings filk songs; = filk singer n.
1981 flux capacitor n. (1981) in the film Back to the Future and its sequels: the core component of the time machine made of a DeLorean automobile
1981 Jedi mind trick n. (1981) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a telepathic technique of psychological manipulation used by the Jedi
1981 jump engine n. (1981) = jump drive n.
1981 SF/F n. (1981) science fiction and fantasy, regarded as a single broad genre
1981 skin job n. 2 (1981) a robot that has skin; (spec.) an android that cannot easily be distinguished from a human
1981 utopian adj. (1981) possessing or regarded as having impossibly or extravagantly ideal conditions in respect of politics, customs, social organization, etc.
1981 xenoanthropologist n. (1981) a person who studies alien cultures; a specialist in xenoanthropology n.
1982 cyberspace n. (1982) the notional environment within which electronic communication occurs, esp. when represented as the inside of a computer system; space perceived as such by an observer but generated by a computer system and having no real existence; a virtual reality environment
1982 gravitics n. 2 (1982) any of various devices making use of gravity or gravitational waves, as (a) sensors that use gravitational waves to detect objects in space; (b) a system that creates artificial gravity
1982 Kobayashi Maru n. (1982) in the Star Trek universe: a training exercise in which a cadet commanding a ship must rescue a civilian vessel in enemy territory, with any strategy leading to an unsuccessful outcome; (hence) any no-win situation, esp. one used as a test of character
1982 nowhen adv. (1982) (in time-travel contexts): in or at no time
1982 Whovian n. (1982) a fan of the British television series Doctor Who
1983 cryosuspension n. (1983) = cryostasis n.
1983 filking n. (1983) among science fiction and fantasy fans: the writing or performing of filk songs