Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
warp speed n. (1952) a faster-than-light speed, attained by a spaceship with a propulsion mechanism capable of manipulating space-time; (also, in extended use) an extraordinarily high speed
warship n. (1898) a military spaceship designed for combat
weird n. (1936) something that is weird adj.
weird adj. (1923) describing supernatural horror (often in weird fiction, weird tale, etc.)
weirdist n. (1936) an author or fan of weird fiction
Wellsian n. (1914) a devotee or follower of H. G. Wells
Wellsian adj. (1895) of, pertaining to, or resembling the ideas and writings of H. G. Wells, esp. in his science fiction, social comment, etc.
wetware n. (1963) biological structures or systems regarded as analogous to computer equipment; (specif.) the human brain; the mind, esp. when able to be affected or altered by computer processes
Whovian n. (1982) a fan of the British television series Doctor Who
WKF n. (1953) someone who is moderately prominent within a particular fandom; cf. BNF n.
Wookiee n. (1974) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: (a member of) a race of tall, hairy, humanoid aliens
worldbuilder n. (1892) a writer who engages in world-building n.
world-building n. (1920) the creation of fictional realms and their geology, geography, biology, etc., often including the history and culture of their inhabitants
worldcon n. (1952) the annual world science fiction convention
worldlet n. (1841) a small celestial object; a planetoid
worm n. (1975) a program designed to sabotage a computer or computer network; spec. a self-duplicating program which can operate without becoming incorporated into another program
wormhole n. (1957) an interconnection between widely separated regions of space-time, allowing faster-than-light travel between them
xeno- prefix (1962) (used to form words indicating that the base element is or relates to an alien)
xenoanthropology n. (1966) the study of alien cultures
xenobiological adj. (1958) of or relating to xenobiology n.
xenobiologist n. (1954) one who studies xenobiology
xenobiology n. (1954) the study of the biology of extraterrestrial life forms
xenocidal adj. (1979) of, pertaining to, or involving xenocide n.
xenocide n. (1973) the killing or attempted killing of an entire alien species; the killing of an individual alien; (also) a person who commits this act
xenolinguist n. (1955) one who studies alien languages
xenolinguistics n. (1955) the study of alien languages
xenological adj. (1950) of, or relating to, xenology
xenologist n. (1949) one who studies xenology n.
xenology n. (1949) the scientific study of aliens, esp. xenobiology n.
xenopsychologist n. (1980) an expert in xenopsychology n.
xenopsychology n. (1972) the psychology of alien races
X-Phile n. (1994) a fan of the TV show The X-Files
zap gun n. (1934) = ray gun n.