Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1901 ant-man n. (1901) an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form
1901 Centaurian adj. (1901) of or relating to the constellation Centaurus or one of its star systems, esp. Alpha Centauri, or its inhabitants; cf. Alpha Centaurian adj.
1901 fannish adj. (1901) of or relating to a dedicated or obsessive fan
1901 space explorer n. (1901) one who explores space
1900 aerocar n. (1900) a small, personal flying vehicle
1900 anti-gravitational adj. (1900) acting against gravity
1900 battleship n. (1900) a military spaceship having heavy armor and powerful weapons
1900 boat n. (1900) = spaceship n.
1900 cruiser n. (1900) a spaceship
1900 earthborn adj. (1900) originating on Earth, as opposed to outer space or another celestial body
1900 homeworld n. (1900) the planet on which an individual being was born; the planet on which a species originated; cf. slightly earlier home planet n.
1900 Martian n. 2 (1900) the language of Martians
1900 midspace n. (1900) outer space, viewed as an area in its own right
1900 vessel n. (1900) a spaceship
1898 disintegrator n. (1898) a weapon that disintegrates its target
1898 Earthward adv. (1898) toward the planet Earth
1898 energy n. (1898) energy portrayed as something which can be produced in a particular form, such as a projectile, beam, or wave, and transferred (typically with destructive effect) to a body upon contact
1898 fleet n. (1898) = space fleet n.
1898 horror n. (1898) a genre intended to create a feeling of fear in the reader or viewer, especially one employing supernatural elements or monstrous creatures
1898 Martianess n. (1898) a female Martian
1898 science fiction n. 2 (1898) a genre (of fiction, film, etc.) in which the plot or setting features speculative scientific or technological advances or differences
1898 ship n. 1 (1898) a spaceship
1898 suit n. (1898) = space suit n.
1898 warship n. (1898) a military spaceship designed for combat
1897 earthwoman n. (1897) a female native or inhabitant of Earth
1897 heat ray n. (1897) = ray n.
1897 Mercurian adj. (1897) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the planet Mercury or its inhabitants
1897 ray n. (1897) a beam of (destructive) energy, emitted by a ray gun or similar device
1897 science fiction n. 1 (1897) a work of science fiction n. 2
1896 antigravity adj. (1896) of or relating to something that negates or cancels the effect of gravity
1896 dimension n. (1896) a realm of existence coexistent with our own, but which cannot be perceived or accessed by ordinary means and which often possesses different physical laws; cf. alternate world n., parallel universe n., plane n.