Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1990 morph n. (1990) an artificial or duplicate body
1990 morphing n. (1990) the action or process that occurs when something morphs
1990 nanotech n. (1990) = nanotechnology n.
1990 superluminal adv. (1990) at a superluminal speed
1991 biopunk n. (1991) a subgenre of science fiction which focuses on the societal effects of biotechnology and genetic engineering
1991 conlang n. (1991) an artificially created language; esp. a language invented to represent the speech of an alien race
1991 counterfactual n. (1991) a work of alternate history n.
1991 morph v. 1 (1991) intransitive (of something physical, esp. a sentient being) to change shape or form; = shapeshift v.
1991 proto-cyberpunk adj. (1991) pertaining to works that prefigure the themes of cyberpunk n. 1
1991 sharecrop n. (1991) fiction set in a universe that was created by (and is sometimes under license from) another, typically more-established, author
1992 inertial damper n. (1992) a device or system that partially negates the effects of inertia, used especially to protect those on board a spaceship from the effects of rapid changes in acceleration
1992 metaverse n. (1992) a computer-generated environment within which users can interact with one another and their surroundings, a virtual world; (more generally) the notional environment in which users of networked computers interact; = cyberspace n.
1993 Afrofuturism n. (1993) a movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes which incorporate elements of Black history and culture
1993 areologic adj. (1993) = areological adj.
1993 edisonade n. (1993) a story featuring a young male inventor who uses his inventions and ingenuity to defeat his foes or to explore new territory
1993 genre n. (1993) the literary fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror collectively; imaginative fiction
1993 meatspace n. (1993) the physical world, in contrast to cyberspace or a virtual environment
1993 ob- prefix (1993) denoting 'obligatory or expected reference to' a topic
1993 steampunkish adj. (1993) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of steampunk n. 2
1993 vacsuited adj. (1993) = vacuum-suited adj.
1994 cyborgization n. (1994) the conversion of a biological organism into a cyborg n.
1994 sharecrop v. (1994) to write a sharecrop n.
1994 X-Phile n. (1994) a fan of the TV show The X-Files
1995 fantastical n. (1995) of a creative work: that which has the qualities of fantasy n. 1
1995 infodumping n. (1995) the practice of using infodump n. in literature
1995 jump gate n. (1995) a device that opens up a portal into hyperspace n., or otherwise enables instantaneous travel; the gateway thus opened up; cf. gate n.
1995 slipstreamy adj. (1995) having the characteristics or qualities of slipstream n.
1996 ship n. 2 (1996) a romantic pairing of two characters who appear in a work of (serial) fiction, esp. one which is discussed, portrayed, or advocated by fans rather than depicted in the original work; (also) fans who support a particular pairing, considered collectively
1996 shipper n. (1996) a person who discusses, portrays, or advocates a romantic pairing of two characters who appear in a work of (serial) fiction, esp. when such a pairing is not depicted in the original work
1997 morph v. 2 (1997) transitive to change the shape or form of part of (something); to create (something) by such a transformation
1997 multisystem adj. (1997) of or involving more than one star system
1997 sharecrop-writer n. (1997) someone who writes sharecrops
1997 slipstreamer n. (1997) a writer of slipstream fiction
1998 blue pill n. (1998) a drug that allows one to remain ignorant of reality; cf. red pill n.
1998 inertial dampener n. (1998) = inertial damper n.
1998 red pill n. (1998) a drug that reveals esp. unpleasant truths of the real world; cf. blue pill n.
1998 ship v. (1998) transitive. To discuss, portray, or advocate a romantic pairing of (two characters who appear in a work of (serial) fiction), esp. when such a pairing is not depicted in the original work. Also intransitive.
1999 bullet time n. (1999) a video effect in which the camera appears to move around a stationary or very slow-moving subject
2001 morphed adj. (2001) something that has morphed or has been morphed
2004 mundane adj. 2 (2004) denoting a subgenre of science fiction characterized by a rejection of themes considered scientifically implausible (as faster-than-light travel, alternate universes, etc.)