Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
Tellurian n. (1828) a native or inhabitant of Earth
Tellurian adj. (1880) of, relating to, or living on Earth
Tellus n. (1930) the planet Earth
temporal paradox n. (1954) = time paradox n.
Terra n. (1871) the planet Earth
terraform v. (1942) to transform (a planet or environment) by terraforming n.
terraformed adj. (1942) of an environment or planet: transformed by terraforming n.
terraformer n. (1942) one who engages in terraforming n.; (in 1942 quot.) a device that is used for terraforming
terraforming n. (1942) the process of transforming a planet into one sufficiently similar to Earth to support Earth life-forms, esp. humans
Terran n. 1 (1935) a native or inhabitant of Earth
Terran n. 2 (1944) a common language spoken on Earth or by Earthlings
Terran adj. (1935) of or pertaining to Earth or its inhabitants
Terranian n. (1913) a native or inhabitant of Earth; = Terran n. 1; also as adj.
Terrene n. (1929) = Terran n. 1
Terrene adj. 1 (1929) = Terran adj.
terrene adj. 2 (1941) made of matter (as opposed to antimatter); cf. contraterrene adj.
terrestial n. (1930) a person from Earth; a human
terrestial adj. (1711) of or from Earth or an earthling
Terrestrial n. (1889) a native or inhabitant of Earth; = earthling n.
Terrestrian n. (1930) a native or inhabitant of Earth; = Terrestrial n.
terrestrian adj. (1930) of Earth
tesser v. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: to travel through space by means of a tesseract n.
tesseract n. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: a means of travelling through space by manipulating the dimensions of spacetime
thionite n. (1937) an addictive drug which induces euphoric dreams
thought-controlled adj. (1934) of devices, computers, etc.: controlled by a person’s thoughts or neural impulses
thought-reading machine n. (1931) a machine that can read a person’s thoughts
thought screen n. (1931) = thought shield n.
thought shield n. (1931) a mental barrier that prevents one’s thoughts from being read by a telepath; = mind shield n.
thought-variant n. (1933) a story characterized by a focus on significant ideas rather than action
thought wave n. (1849) a thought emanating from one's mind, esp. a telepathic emanation; a thought or thoughts travelling on a hypothetical medium of thought transfer
three-D n. (1955) a device or system capable of transmitting or displaying a three dimensional image; (also) a three-dimensional image; cf. tri-D n.
threedy n. (1984) three-dimensional television or film