Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1978 transhumanity n. (1978) the quality or condition of being transhuman; also, transhumans collectively
1978 uptime adj. (1978) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the future; cf. downtime adj.
1978 urban fantasy n. (1978) a genre of fantasy that uses a city as its primary setting; a work in this genre
1979 beanstalk n. (1979) = space elevator n.
1979 coreward adj. (1979) toward the center of the galaxy
1979 filk singer n. (1979) one who sings filk songs
1979 generation starship n. (1979) = generation ship n.
1979 gynoid n. (1979) a robot having female or feminine characteristics; = robotrix n.
1979 military science fiction n. (1979) a subgenre of science fiction that focuses on the military and warfare, esp. when the setting is outer space or other worlds
1979 SF/F/H n. (1979) abbreviation for science fiction, fantasy, and horror
1979 xenocidal adj. (1979) of, pertaining to, or involving xenocide n.
1980 carbonite n. (1980) a carbon-based material in which a person can be cryogenically preserved
1980 replicant n. 1 (1980) an artificial being in the form of a human or other creature; an android
1980 shapechange v. (1980) to change shape, by an imagined natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
1980 shapeshift v. (1980) to change shape, by a natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
1980 uplift v. (1980) to transform a non-sentient species into a sentient species, esp. by genetic engineering
1980 uplift n. (1980) the making of a sentient species from a non-sentient one, esp. by genetic engineering
1980 uplifting n. (1980) = uplift n.
1980 xenopsychologist n. (1980) an expert in xenopsychology n.
1981 big dumb object n. (1981) a large, mysterious, alien-made artifact encountered in space or on another world
1981 Clarke belt n. (1981) the ring-shaped region around the Earth containing all possible geostationary orbits
1981 filker n. (1981) one who sings filk songs; a filk singer n.
1981 flux capacitor n. (1981) in the film Back to the Future and its sequels: the core component of the time machine made of a DeLorean automobile
1981 Jedi mind trick n. (1981) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a telepathic technique of psychological manipulation used by the Jedi
1981 jump engine n. (1981) = jump drive n.
1981 SF/F n. (1981) science fiction and fantasy, regarded as a single broad genre
1981 sfnal adj. (1981) abreviation for science fictional adj.
1981 skin job n. 2 (1981) a robot that has skin; (spec.) an android that cannot easily be distinguished from a human
1981 utopian adj. (1981) possessing or regarded as having impossibly or extravagantly ideal conditions in respect of politics, customs, social organization, etc.
1982 cyberspace n. (1982) the notional environment within which electronic communication occurs, esp. when represented as the inside of a computer system; space perceived as such by an observer but generated by a computer system and having no real existence; the space of virtual reality
1982 gravitics n. 2 (1982) any of various devices making use of gravity or gravitational waves, as (a) sensors that use gravitational waves to detect objects in space; (b) a system that creates artificial gravity
1982 nowhen adv. (1982) (in time-travel contexts): in or at no time