Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

Word Definition
Vegan adj. (1940) of or pertaining to the star Vega, or the natives or inhabitants of its solar system
Venerian n. 1 (1919) a native or inhabitant of Venus; Venusian n.
Venerian n. 2 (1948) the language of Venusians
Venerian adj. (1919) pertaining to Venus or Venusians; Venustian adj.
Venusian n. (1874) a native or inhabitant of the planet Venus; also, the language spoken by such a being
Venusian adj. (1874) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the planet Venus or its inhabitants
Vernean adj. (1883) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the science fiction of Jules Verne
-verse suffix (1985) (used to form nouns denoting the fictional universe used as the setting of a series, typically in combination with the title, main character, or creator of the series)
vessel n. (1900) a spaceship
vibroblade n. (1940) a weapon or tool having a blade that vibrates rapidly
vibroknife n. (1973) = vibroblade n.
vidcall n. (1953) a call made on a videophone n.
videophone n. (1944) a telephone incorporating a video screen on which the other person may be seen speaking
videophone v. (1945) to call or speak to someone via videophone n.
videophonic adj. (1949) related to videophones or their use
vidscreen n. (1953) a screen capable of displaying a visual image; (also) a videophone n.
viewphone n. (1932) a telephone that allows caller and receiver to see one another; = videophone n.
viewplate n. (1928) = visiplate n.
viewport n. (1935) a (typically small and reinforced) window in a vehicle or structure designed to operate in space
viewscreen n. (1932) a television or similar electronic display screen for viewing images or data
vision plate n. (1932) = viewscreen n.
visiphone n. (1934) = videophone n.
visiphone v. (1940) to use a visiphone to call or speak to someone
visiplate n. (1930) = viewscreen n.
visiscreen n. (1937) = viewscreen n.
visor screen n. (1931) = viewscreen n.
Vulcan n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race, characterized by strictly logical and rational thinking and the suppression of normal human emotions; (hence) a person regarded as having similar characteristics
Vulcan mind meld n. (1968) = mind-meld n.
Vulcan nerve pinch n. (1968) a one-handed pinch delivered (chiefly by Vulcans) to the base of a person’s neck that immediately renders the victim unconscious