Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
time paradox n. (1942) a paradox caused by an action of a time traveller which alters history so that the action is no longer logically possible, such as travelling into the past to murder a dictator which leads to a peaceful world from which the time traveller would have had no reason to depart; cf. grandfather paradox n., temporal paradox n.
time-path n. (1934) = timestream n.
time patrol n. (1955) = time police n.
time police n. (1950) officers who travels through time to attempt to prevent the past from being changed; a governmental body that regulates time travel
timequake n. (1954) a sudden significant disturbance in the continuity of time; cf. time storm n., timeslip n.
time radio n. (1934) a device that allows messages (but not physical objects) to be sent across time
timeslip n. (1941) a rift or flaw in the fabric of time that allows travel between two or more periods of time or timelines; any accidental or unexplained movement between periods of time; cf. timequake n., time storm n.
time storm n. (1942) a disturbance in time which can bring people and things from different times into the same timeline; cf. timequake n., timeslip n.
timestream n. (1931) the sequence of events in time considered notionally as a flow capable of being altered to form different timelines
time track n. (1942) = timeline n.
time travel n. (1914) the activity of travelling into the past or future; hypothetical movement through time n.
time travel v. (1933) to travel through time n.
time traveller n. (1894) one who travels through time n.
time-travelling n. (1894) the activity of travelling into the past or future; hypothetical movement through time
time-travelling adj. (1904) that or who travels through time n.
time viewer n. (1940) = chronoscope n.
time warp n. (1937) an imaginary or hypothetical distortion of space-time whereby people or objects at one point in time can be moved to another, or within which time moves at a different speed
time warp v. (1969) transitive to transport (something) into the past or future, or from the past or future into the present, as if in a time warp; also intransitive with reflexive or passive meaning
time-warped adj. (1938) transported from the past or future by a time warp n.
tin can n. (1938) a spaceship or space station
Tolkienesque adj. (1967) characteristic of or resembling J.R.R. Tolkien or his writings; cf. Tolkienian adj.
Tolkienian adj. (1954) of or pertaining to J.R.R. Tolkien or his writings; cf. Tolkienesque adj.
topside adv. (1933) in or towards the upper parts of a spacecraft; (also) in or towards orbit
torch n. (1950) = torch drive n.
torch v. (1956) to travel in a spaceship using a torch drive
torch drive n. (1976) a fusion-powered, slower-than-light space drive
torcher n. (1953) a pilot of a spaceship with a torch drive