Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

Word Definition
trivee n. (No cites) see tri-v n.
tri-vid n. (1955) a device or system capable of transmitting or displaying a three-dimensional image
trufan n. (1954) a science fiction fan who adheres to the ideals and practices of fandom
trufandom n. (1954) the state of being a trufan; excellence in fannish behavior
uchronia n. (1976) = alternate history n.
uchronian adj. (1986) of uchronias
uchronic adj. (1991) of uchronias
UFO n. (1953) an unidentified flying object; a β€˜flying saucer’
ultradrive n. (1951) a type of faster-than-light star drive
ultraphone n. (1928) a communications device that transmits messages faster than the speed of light
ultrawave n. (1934) a communication system that transmits messages faster than the speed of light; (also) a wave phenomenon used by such devices
unfannish adj. (1958) failing to be fannish; not having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan
unhuman n. (1944) an intelligent nonhuman entity; alien n.; cf. non-human n.
universe n. (1947) the setting of a work or series of fiction, esp. of imaginative fiction
unobtainium n. (1956) a hypothetical substance that would be highly desirable but is unrealized or unobtainable; a notional substance with exceptional or ideal properties
unperson n. (1949) a person who, usually for political reasons, is deemed not to have existed and whose name is removed from all public records; hence, more generally: a person whose contributions or achievements are officially denied or disregarded; a person regarded as less than human
unsuit v. (1957) to remove a spacesuit
unsuited adv. (1957) without wearing a spacesuit
uplift n. (1980) the making of a sentient species from a non-sentient one, esp. by genetic engineering
uplift v. (1980) to transform a non-sentient species into a sentient species, esp. by genetic engineering
uplifter n. (2006) a genetic engineer who carries out uplift n.
uplifting n. (1980) = uplift n.
uptime adj. (1978) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the future; cf. downtime adj.
uptime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the future; cf. downtime adv.
Uranian n. (1834) a native or inhabitant of Uranus
urban fantasy n. (1978) a genre of fantasy that uses a city as its primary setting; a work in this genre
utopia n. (No cites) a place, state, or condition ideally perfect in respect of politics, laws, customs, and conditions
utopian n. (No cites) one who conceives, proposes, or introduces schemes supposed or intended to bring about improved or perfect social and political conditions, etc.; an advocate of social reform
utopian adj. (1981) possessing or regarded as having impossibly or extravagantly ideal conditions in respect of politics, customs, social organization, etc.
utopic adj. (No cites) that embodies or proposes utopian ideals
vacsuit n. (1942) = vacuum suit n.
vacsuited adj. (1993) = vacuum-suited adj.
vacuum suit n. (1926) = space suit n.
vacuum-suited adj. (1947) wearing a vacuum suit n.
vape v. (1983) to vaporize by means of a weapon; to destroy completely, annihilate
Vegan n. (1932) a native or inhabitant of the solar system of the star Vega
Vegan adj. (1940) of or pertaining to the star Vega, or the natives or inhabitants of its solar system