Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
message rocket n. (1933) a (small) rocket used to carry a message
metaverse n. (1992) a computer-generated environment within which users can interact with one another and their surroundings, a virtual world; (more generally) the notional environment in which users of networked computers interact; = cyberspace n.
meteor storm n. (1870) a particularly intense meteor shower, esp. occurring when the earth intercepts a meteor stream soon after the originating comet has passed; an intense encounter with a stream of meteors in space
micro book n. (1932) a book having the text reproduced at a reduced size by the use of microphotography or microprinting
midspace n. (1900) outer space, viewed as an area in its own right
midspace adj. (1931) occurring in midspace n.
military science fiction n. (1979) a subgenre of science fiction that focuses on the military and warfare, esp. when the setting is outer space or other worlds
mind control n. (1902) the ability to control another person’s thoughts or actions telepathically
mindfood n. (1986) a substance taken as food or drink containing chemicals which increase one’s mental ability
mindlink n. (1954) a telepathic connection between people; cf. mind-meld n.
mind-meld n. (1968) a technique for the psychic fusion of two or more minds, permitting unrestricted communication or deep understanding; the act or an instance of doing this; cf. earlier mindlink n.
mindmeld v. (1976) to engage in a mind-meld (with)
mindmelding n. (1968) = mind-meld n.
mind shield n. (1938) a mental barrier that prevents one’s thoughts from being read by a telepath
moon base n. (1932) an outpost on a moon, esp. on Earth’s Moon
moon flight n. (1919) a flight to the Moon
moon rocket n. (1920) a rocket designed for travel to the Moon
moon ship n. (1930) a spacecraft for travelling to the Moon
morph n. (1990) an artificial or duplicate body
morph v. 1 (1991) intransitive (of something physical, esp. a sentient being) to change shape or form; = shapeshift v.
morph v. 2 (1997) transitive to change the shape or form of part of (something); to create (something) by such a transformation
morphed adj. (1994) transformed by means of morphing
morphing n. (1990) the action or process that occurs when something morphs
mother ship n. (1930) a spacecraft escorting or having charge of a number of other, usually smaller, craft; one from which other craft are launched or controlled
motherworld n. (1928) the planet on which a species originated; cf. homeworld n.
multisystem adj. (1997) of or involving more than one star system
multiversal adj. (1963) of or pertaining to a multiverse
multiverse n. 1 (1963) a space or realm of being consisting of a number of universes, of which our own universe is only one
multiverse n. 2 (1973) in figurative use: a sphere of very varied possibility, such as the mind or the imagination
mundane n. 1 (1946) a non-imaginative story
mundane n. 2 (1963) a person who is not a science-fiction fan; an outsider
mundane adj. 1 (1945) belonging or relating to the world which lies outside the sphere of interest of a particular group of enthusiasts (used esp. among science fiction fans, originally of mainstream fiction)
mundane adj. 2 (2004) denoting a subgenre of science fiction characterized by a rejection of themes considered scientifically implausible (as faster-than-light travel, alternate universes, etc.)