Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
Jovian n. 2 (1938) the language of Jovians
Jovian adj. (1799) of or relating to the planet Jupiter
jump n. (1932) a journey through hyperspace n.; any (nearly) instantaneous travel over a large distance; cf. jump v.
jump v. (1952) to journey through hyperspace n.; to engage in any (nearly) instantaneous travel over a long distance; cf. jump n.
jump drive n. (1959) a spacecraft drive that enables a ship to journey through hyperspace or to engage in any instantaneous (long-distance) travel; cf. jump n., jump v.
jump engine n. (1981) = jump drive n.
jump gate n. (1993) a device that opens up a portal into hyperspace n., or otherwise enables (nearly) instantaneous travel; the gateway thus opened up; cf. gate n.
jump pilot n. (1988) one who pilots a spaceship through a jump n.
jump point n. (1964) a location where interstellar jumps are possible
jumpship n. (1957) a spaceship that makes interstellar jumps
jumpspace n. (1961) hyperspace n.; the (notional) space in which ships travel during a jump
Jupiterian n. (1855) a native or inhabitant of the planet Jupiter
Jupiterian adj. (1907) of or pertaining to the planet Jupiter or its inhabitants
kiloday n. (1945) a period of one thousand days
kilohour n. (1989) a period of one thousand hours
kiloyear n. (1945) a period of one thousand years
kipple n. (1960) useless or unwanted (household) objects; junk; rubbish
Klingon n. (1967) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race, characterized by authoritarian brutality and a strict code of honor; (also) the language of this race, now widely studied as an artificial language
Kobayashi Maru n. (1982) in the Star Trek universe: a training exercise in which a cadet commanding a ship must rescue a civilian vessel in enemy territory, with any strategy leading to an unsuccessful outcome; (hence) any no-win situation, esp. one used as a test of character
Kornbluthian adj. (1941) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Cyril M. Kornbluth
kryptonite n. (1943) in the fictional world of the comic book hero Superman: a substance that renders Superman weak when he is exposed to it; (hence, in figurative or allusive use) something that can weaken or damage a particular person or thing; an Achilles heel
K/S n. (1978) a subgenre of science fiction, originally published in fanzines and now esp. online, in which the Star Trek characters Kirk and Spock are portrayed as having a homosexual relationship; (later) any similar fiction in which a pair of (established) male characters is so portrayed
landspeeder n. (1977) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a small vehicle that uses antigravity technology to hover close to the ground
laser cannon n. (1962) a large weapon, similar in size to a cannon, that fires a laser
laser gun n. (1963) a weapon that fires a laser