Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
hypospray n. (1947) an injection device that forces a fine, high-pressure jet of fluid through the skin without breaking it
illo n. (1945) an illustration
imaginative adj. (1914) denoting a genre of literature, etc. that is not realistic or mimetic; science fiction, fantasy, and horror collectively
impeller n. (1936) a device used to produce propulsive thrust
impervium n. (1932) a virtually impenetrable or indestructible substance
impossible story n. (1913) esp. in the early pulp era: a work of imaginative fiction; a different story n.
inertial dampener n. (1998) = inertial damper n.
inertial damper n. (1992) a device or system that partially negates the effects of inertia, used especially to protect those on board a spaceship from the effects of rapid changes in acceleration
infodump n. (1978) a large (often unwieldy or indigestible) amount of information supplied all at once; spec. as background or descriptive information in a narrative
infodumping n. (1995) the practice of using infodump n. in literature
inhuman n. (1926) a nonhuman being; cf. alien n.
inhuman adj. (1930) not human; alien
inner space n. (1920) the human mind; the innermost parts of one’s psyche
insectoid n. (1937) an insect-like alien
insectoid adj. (1950) (esp. of an alien) insect-like
insectoidal adj. (1956) = insectoid adj.
in-system adj. (1968) of or relating to the area within a solar system; operating only within a solar system; cf. intersystem adj., out-system adj.
in-system adv. (1961) in or into a solar system; toward the center of a solar system; cf. out-system adv.
intergalactic adj. (1888) situated between galaxies; of, pertaining to, or occupying the regions between galaxies
intergalactically adv. (1959) between or among galaxies; (broadly) (used as an intensive), extremely, incredibly
interplanetary n. (1927) a story about interplanetary travel
intersystem adj. (1941) (esp. of transportation or communication) occurring between solar systems
interworld adj. (1937) between or occurring between planets
ion drive n. (1947) a spacecraft propulsion system that uses electrically accelerated ions
ion gun n. (1935) an energy weapon that emits ions
ish n. (1937) an issue or edition in a series; spec. an issue of a magazine, esp. (in early use) a fanzine
jack in v. (1970) to connect one's brain directly to a computer or cybernetic device by means of a cybernetically implanted data jack
jaunt v. (1956) esp. in reference to teleportation by psychic rather than technological means: = teleport v. 1; = teleport v. 2
Jedi n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force. Also in extended and allusive use; esp. someone (humorously) credited with great skill or preternatural powers. Also more fully Jedi knight, Jedi master
Jedi mind trick n. (1981) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a telepathic technique of psychological manipulation used by the Jedi
jet car n. (1946) a form of aircar powered by jets
jet pack n. (1952) a device, worn over the shoulders like a backpack, that enables the wearer to travel through the air or in space by means of jet propulsion
Jonbar adj. (1977) in time-travel or alternate-history contexts: denoting a point at which a (trivial) action can result in a significantly different timeline (chiefly in form Jonbar hinge, Jonbar point)