Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1935 nightside adj. (1935) of or relating to the nightside n.
1935 sapient adj. (1935) of an alien or machine: intelligent; having human-like intelligence
1935 Saturnian n. 2 (1935) the language of Saturnians
1935 scanner n. (1935) a device, system, etc. used for systematically examining something or gathering data, esp. at a distance or through obstacles
1935 space warp n. (1935) a distortion of space-time that is conceived as enabling space travellers to make journeys that would otherwise be contrary to the known laws of physics
1935 system-wide adj. (1935) extending or existing throughout or across a solar system
1935 Terran adj. (1935) of or pertaining to Earth or its inhabitants
1935 Terran n. 1 (1935) a native or inhabitant of Earth
1935 viewport n. (1935) a (typically small and reinforced) window in a vehicle or structure designed to operate in space
1936 android n. (1936) a robot or other artificial being made to resemble a human, esp. one made of synthetic flesh or a fleshlike material (in contrast to metal, plastic, etc.)
1936 beam weapon n. (1936) a weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy
1936 chronoscope n. (1936) a device for viewing events in the past or future
1936 fandom n. (1936) science-fiction fans collectively; the state or attitude of being a science-fiction fan
1936 home galaxy n. (1936) the galaxy that an individual being is from; the galaxy in which a species originated
1936 impeller n. (1936) a device used to produce propulsive thrust
1936 non-terrestrial adj. (1936) not found on or originating from the planet Earth
1936 planetary engineering n. (1936) large-scale modification of the environment or geography of a planet; = terraforming n.
1936 positronic adj. (1936) related to or designed to use positrons
1936 science-fictionally adv. (1936) in the manner of science fiction n. 2
1936 science fictioneer n. (1936) a writer or aficionado of science fiction
1936 scouter n. (1936) = scout ship n.
1936 sense of wonder n. (1936) a feeling of awakening or awe brought on by an expansion of one’s awareness of what may be possible; the primary emotional experience of reading science fiction n. 2; see also sensawunda n.
1936 space alien n. (1936) = alien n.
1936 spacefarer n. (1936) a person who travels in space, an astronaut; (also) a space traveller from another planet
1936 space tan n. (1936) a tan caused by being in space, exposed to the light of stars unfiltered by planetary atmospheres
1936 supernormal n. (1936) a being with extraordinary (usu. psychic) powers as compared to other members of their kind
1936 teleportage n. (1936) = teleportation n.
1936 warp n. (1936) = space warp n.; travel by means of a space warp, travel at warp speed; (also) = time warp n.
1936 weird n. (1936) something that is weird adj.
1936 weirdist n. (1936) an author or fan of weird fiction
1937 Aldebaranian adj. (1937) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Aldebaran system or its inhabitants
1937 alien life form n. (1937) = alien n.