Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1932 space drive n. (1932) a propulsion system for a spaceship; cf. star drive n.
1932 space force n. (1932) a branch of the military that acts in outer space
1932 space-going adj. (1932) that travels in space
1932 space gun n. 2 (1932) a weapon used in by people in space; a toy handgun of a style imagined to be used by space travellers
1932 spaceman n. (1932) a person (usu. a man) who travels in space, an astronaut; (also) a person or being from another planet
1932 spacemanship n. (1932) skill or experience in piloting a spacecraft
1932 space pilot n. (1932) a pilot of a spaceship
1932 space-tanned adj. (1932) having a space tan n.
1932 spacewrecked adj. (1932) wrecked in space
1932 speeder n. (1932) any of various small personal vehicles, typically travelling on or very close to the ground
1932 star liner n. (1932) = space liner n.
1932 starway n. (1932) an established route between stars; usu. pl. starways the realm of space travel in general; cf. spaceway n.
1932 superpower n. (1932) a superhuman ability, esp. as possessed by a superhero; an ability beyond what is possible based on scientific laws
1932 telescreen n. (1932) a video screen, esp. one forming part of a communications device
1932 Titanese adj. (1932) of, or related to, the Saturnian moon Titan or its inhabitants; cf. Titanian adj.
1932 Titanese n. (1932) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (also) a language used on Titan or by Titanese; cf Titanian n.
1932 viewphone n. (1932) a telephone that allows caller and receiver to see one another; = videophone n.
1932 visiscreen n. (1932) = viewscreen n.
1932 Vulcanite n. (1932) a native or inhabitant of Vulcan (a hypothetical planet orbiting nearer to the sun than Mercury)
1932 warp v. (1932) (intransitive) to travel through space by means of a space warp n.; (transitive) to cause to move through space, to another dimension, etc., by means of a warp
1933 aspace adv. (1933) in space
1933 asterite n. (1933) a native or inhabitant of an asteroid
1933 astronavigator n. (1933) = astrogator n.
1933 Callistan adj. (1933) of or relating to the Jovian moon Callisto or its inhabitants; cf. slightly earlier Callistonian adj.
1933 earthship n. (1933) a spacecraft from or belonging to Earth
1933 fantasy n. 2 (1933) a work (story, film, etc.) in the fantasy genre
1933 gyrobus n. (1933) a bus powered by a gyroscopic flywheel; (also) a flying bus
1933 light-day n. (1933) the distance light travels in 24 hours
1933 light-month n. (1933) the distance light travels in one month
1933 message rocket n. (1933) a (small) rocket used to carry a message
1933 needle pistol n. (1933) a handheld needle gun n.
1933 off-trail adj. (1933) (of a story, esp. one that is not easily categorized) fantastic or science-fictional
1933 planet-wide adv. (1933) on, over, or throughout an entire planet