Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1932 Titanese n. (1932) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (also) a language used on Titan or by Titanese; cf Titanian n.
1932 viewphone n. (1932) a telephone that allows caller and receiver to see one another; = videophone n.
1932 visiscreen n. (1932) = viewscreen n.
1932 warp v. (1932) (intransitive) to travel through space by means of a space warp n.; (transitive) to cause to move through space, to another dimension, etc., by means of a warp
1933 asterite n. (1933) a native or inhabitant of an asteroid
1933 astronavigator n. (1933) = astrogator n.
1933 Callistan adj. (1933) of or relating to the Jovian moon Callisto or its inhabitants
1933 earthship n. (1933) a spacecraft from or belonging to Earth
1933 fantasy n. 2 (1933) a work (story, film, etc.) in the fantasy genre
1933 gateway n. (1933) a portal allowing travel or communication between dimensions, alternate universes, etc.; gate n.
1933 gyrobus n. (1933) a bus powered by a gyroscopic flywheel; (also) a flying bus
1933 light-day n. (1933) the distance light travels in 24 hours
1933 light-month n. (1933) the distance light travels in one month
1933 message rocket n. (1933) a (small) rocket used to carry a message
1933 needle pistol n. (1933) a handheld needle gun n.
1933 off-trail adj. (1933) (of a story, esp. one that is not easily categorized) fantastic or science-fictional
1933 robotrix n. (1933) a robot assigned a female identity; a robot having female or feminine characteristics
1933 scientifictionally adv. (1933) in a scientifictional manner; towards scientifictional subjects or interests
1933 sci-fic n. (1933) abbreviation of science fiction n.
1933 space sailor n. (1933) a person who travels in space, esp. as a profession
1933 spaceway n. (1933) an established route through space; usu. in pl. spaceways space as an area in which people travel; cf. planet v.
1933 spacewreck n. (1933) the destruction of a spacecraft; a wrecked spacecraft
1933 thought-variant n. (1933) a story characterized by a focus on significant ideas rather than action
1933 time barrier n. (1933) something (either inherent or created) that prevents travel through time
1933 time travel v. (1933) to travel through time n.
1933 topside adv. (1933) in or towards the upper parts of a spacecraft; (also) in or towards orbit
1934 aircab n. (1934) a flying taxicab; cf. earlier aerocab n.
1934 Alpha Centaurian adj. (1934) of or relating to the Alpha Centauri star system or its inhabitants; cf. Centaurian adj.
1934 antimatter n. (1934) matter composed of antiparticles
1934 Buck Rogers adj. (1934) = science fictional adj.; (specif.) characteristic of hackneyed or dated science fiction
1934 communicator n. (1934) a device used for communication, esp. a small personal device used for voice communication
1934 credit n. (1934) a unit of currency