Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1931 Plutonian adj. (1931) pertaining to the planet Pluto
1931 Plutonian n. 1 (1931) a native or inhabitant of Pluto
1931 pressor n. (1931) = pressor beam n.
1931 pressor beam n. (1931) a device that emits a beam that repels its target; (also) the beam itself; cf. tractor beam n.
1931 rocketman n. (1931) = rocketeer n.
1931 rocketport n. (1931) a place where rockets can take off and land; cf. spaceport n.
1931 science fantasy n. 1 (1931) = science fiction n. 2; a work in this genre
1931 sentience n. 1 (1931) the condition of being sentient; intelligence; cf. sapience n.
1931 space field n. 1 (1931) a field of energy
1931 spacegram n. (1931) a brief (written) message sent through space
1931 spacegram v. (1931) transitive to send (a spacegram); also with recipient as object, and intransitive
1931 space helmet n. (1931) a helmet worn as part of a spacesuit, to provide the wearer with a breathable atmosphere and to protect the head
1931 spacehound n. (1931) an experienced spaceman or spacewoman
1931 space liner n. (1931) a large and esp. luxurious spaceship for passenger travel
1931 space-suited adj. (1931) wearing a space suit n.
1931 spaceworthy adj. (1931) (of a person) in a fit condition for space travel; (of an object, esp. a vehicle) in a fit condition for use in space
1931 space yacht n. (1931) a luxurious spaceship for personal use
1931 stf n. (1931) = science fiction n. 2
1931 suit phone n. (1931) a communications system in the helmet of a space suit; cf. suit radio n.
1931 super-weapon n. (1931) a weapon, esp. an extremely destructive one, based on highly advanced technology
1931 Tau Cetan n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Tau Ceti star system; (also) the language of Tau Cetans
1931 teleport v. 1 (1931) transitive to cause to move or travel by teleportation; esp. to convey or transport instantaneously from one place to another by means of an advanced technological device
1931 teleportation n. (1931) instantaneous transportation from one place to another, esp. by means of a machine which breaks matter down into its constituent particles or converts it to energy, information, etc., and transmits it in this form to another location where it is reconstituted
1931 thought-reading machine n. (1931) a machine that can read a person’s thoughts
1931 thought screen n. (1931) = thought shield n.
1931 thought shield n. (1931) a mental barrier that prevents one’s thoughts from being read by a telepath; = mind shield n.
1931 timestream n. (1931) the sequence of all events in time, considered notionally as a flow capable of being altered to form different timelines
1931 time track n. (1931) = timeline n.
1931 Titanian adj. (1931) of or relating to the Saturnian moon of Titan or its inhabitants; (rarely) of or relating to the Uranian moon Titania or its inhabitants
1931 Titanian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (rarely) a native or inhabitant of the Uranian moon Titania
1931 tractor n. (1931) = tractor beam n.