Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1931 Titanian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (rarely) a native or inhabitant of the Uranian moon Titania
1931 tractor n. (1931) = tractor beam n.
1931 tractor beam n. (1931) an energy beam that causes the target to be moved or immobilized in space; (also, in early use) a device producing such a beam
1931 tractor field n. (1931) = tractor beam n.
1931 tractor ray n. (1931) = tractor beam n.
1931 transdimensional adj. (1931) designating movement between dimensions; involving more than one dimension
1931 Venusian n. 2 (1931) the language of Venusians
1931 visor screen n. (1931) = viewscreen n.
1931 wallscreen n. (1931) a large wall-mounted video display
1932 adult fantasy n. (1932) fantasy intended for adults rather than children
1932 alternative future n. (1932) = alternate future n.
1932 areological adj. (1932) of, pertaining to, or derived from areology n.; such as is described, investigated, or ascertained by areology
1932 astrogating n. (1932) = astrogation n.
1932 atomics n. 1 (1932) any device powered by nuclear energy, esp. a nuclear-powered engine
1932 automatics n. (1932) a system that controls the flight of a spacecraft with little or no human intervention; any system or technology for the unsupervised control of a vehicle, environment, etc.
1932 Callistan n. 1 (1932) a native or inhabitant of the Jovian moon Callisto; cf. slightly earlier Callistonian n.
1932 Earth-normal n. (1932) a state, amount, or value of something (as gravity or atmospheric pressure) that is typical of what is found on Earth
1932 energy screen n. (1932) a barrier made of or against energy; a force field n.
1932 escape ship n. (1932) = lifeboat n.; lifeship n.
1932 fantasy n. 1 (1932) a genre of fiction which contains elements of magic or the supernatural, frequently set in a world other than our own
1932 force screen n. (1932) = force field n.
1932 gravity drive n. (1932) a spaceship drive that uses any technology associated with gravity
1932 impervium n. (1932) a virtually impenetrable or indestructible substance
1932 jump n. (1932) a journey through hyperspace n.; any (nearly) instantaneous travel over a large distance; cf. jump v.
1932 light-speed n. 2 (1932) a unit of measure equal to the speed of light; cf. light n. 1
1932 micro book n. (1932) a book having the text reproduced at a reduced size by the use of microphotography or microprinting
1932 moon base n. (1932) an outpost on a moon, esp. on Earth’s Moon
1932 needle gun n. (1932) a gun that produces a very narrow beam of energy; (also) a gun that fires small slivers of metal
1932 outworld adj. (1932) on or from another planet, esp. one remote from the homeworld or far from a solar system’s star
1932 planetary engineer n. (1932) one who engages in planetary engineering
1932 port n. (1932) = spaceport n.
1932 science fantasy n. 2 (1932) = imaginative fiction
1932 science fictional adj. (1932) pertaining to or characteristic of science fiction n. 2
1932 scientifilm n. (1932) a science fiction movie
1932 soma n. (1932) in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: a narcotic drug which produces euphoria and hallucination, distributed by the state in order to control the population by promoting content and social harmony