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anti-gravitational adj. 1900 G. Griffith Visit to Moon in Pearson’s Magazine Feb. 141 By means of the ‘R.Force’, or Anti-Gravitational Force, of the secret of which Lord Redgrave is the sole possessor, they are able to navigate with precision and safety the limitless ocean of space.
death ray n. 1902 G. Griffith Masters of the World in Liverpool Weekly Courier 14 June 7/2 Those who were out of reach of the terrible death-rays saw six long guns rise from the masked batteries.
earthborn adj. 1900 G. Griffith A Visit to the Moon in Pearson’s Magazine Jan. 29/2 There, that is Malapert. It is almost exactly at the south pole of the moon, and there—is the horizon of the hemisphere which no earthborn eyes but ours and Murgatroyd’s have ever seen.
homeworld n. 1900 G. Griffith Visit to Moon in Pearson’s Magazine Jan. 7/1 Zaidie stood gazing for nearly an hour at this marvellous vision of the home-world which she had left so far behind her before she could tear herself away and allow her husband to shut the slides again.
space explorer n. 1901 G. Griffith Honeymoon in Space iv. 53 Overhead hung an ordinary tell-tale compass, and compactly placed on other parts of the wall were barometers, thermometers, barographs, and, in fact, practically every instrument that the most exacting of aeronauts or Space-explorers could have asked for.
vessel n. 1900 G. Griffith Visit to Moon in Pearson's Magazine Feb. 146 Another signal went over the wire, the Astronef’s propellers slowed down and stopped, and the vessel began to rise swiftly towards the Zenith, which the Sun was now approaching.