Philip Reeve

4 Quotations from Philip Reeve

atomics n. 2 2001 P. Reeve Mortal Engines (2004) 6 The Ancients destroyed themselves in that terrible flurry of orbit-to-earth atomics and tailor-virus bombs called the Sixty Minute War.
pleasure planet n. 2015 P. Reeve Railhead xx. 117 Jangala, on the other hand, was a pleasure planet, where towns were few, and everything that was not actual sea was covered with a sea of trees.
Rigellian adj. 2013 P. Reeve The Fourth Doctor: The Roots of Evil in Doctor Who: 12 Doctors 12 Stories (2014) 157 Iโ€™d say about twenty feet; thatโ€™s about six metres, or roughlyโ€ฆ.let me seeโ€ฆ.two and a half Rigellian floons. [ellipses in orig.]
spacewrecked adj. 2007 P. Reeve Starcross xix. 286 I looked to left and right, I looked both up and down, but never a sign did I see of any useful hatch or tumblehome through which a space-wrecked mariner might force entry.