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cyborg v. 1989 L. Watt-Evans Nightside City x. 103 She made some joke about how, if that was what we were going to do, then she wouldn’t let the sun come up, and I said something about in that case I'd need to be cyborged so I wouldn’t wear out, and…you know the sort of talk.
cyborged adj. 1989 L. Watt-Evans Nightside City vi. 60 Well, the law says that only humans can buy land. Nothing artificial. If it’s a corporation, then it’s got to be a human officer that carries out the final transaction and accepts the deed. No software, no machines, no genens, no cultured biotes, nothing modified from other stock, just human. I mean, it can be cyborged or customized from here to Cass B, and we don’t care if it was born or micro-assembled, but it’s got to be human within the legal definition of the term.
dimensional adj. 1995 L. Watt-Evans In Empire of Shadow xxii. 304 She reached back through the…through the dimensional barrier, she took the phrase from some unguarded, unrecognized mind somewhere. She reached into Faerie.
in-system adv. 1989 L. Watt-Evans Nightside City i. 9 Born on Prometheus, came in-system to the nightside at sixteen—probably looking for casino work, but it didn’t say—and did a few short pieces here and there.
light-minute n. 1987 L. Watt-Evans Wizard and War Machine ii. 10 The transmitter in his skull, powered by his own body’s electricity, had a useful range of no more than a light-minute or two, and while the sender of the message might not have a ready answer, he or she—or it—would surely have stopped the endless repetition immediately upon getting a response.
off-planet n. 1989 L. Watt-Evans Nightside City iv. 40 So who was buying new cabs and bringing them in from off-planet?