G. Harry Stine

4 Quotations from G. Harry Stine

Buck Rogers adj. 1979 G. Harry Stine Ticket to Space in Omni Mar. 118/3 This is notโ€”repeat, notโ€”โ€˜Buck Rogers stuff,โ€™ suitable only for science-fiction stories, tv series, and Sunday-supplement material.
gravity well n. 1954 โ€˜L. Correyโ€™ Amateur in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 97/1 Ever hear of maneuvering through a gravity well?
reaction drive n. 1959 โ€˜L. Correyโ€™ Letter from Tomorrow in Fantastic Universe May 125/1 Rockets, with the proper propulsion system, may switch from a reaction drive to a system using electrogravity energy once they have progressed sufficiently beyond the disturbing influence of this planet with its strong electrogravity field.
space bus n. 1979 G. Harry Stine Ticket to Space Omni Mar. 118/1 It was designed to be a space truck, not a space bus.