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Carl Jacobi

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plane n. 1954 C. Jacobi Made in Tanganyika in Fantastic Universe May 102/2 Sutter walked forward slowly, aware in a vague way that he had entered another plane that was at once a microcosm and a macrocosm.
spacegram n. 1989 C. Jacobi Pursuit to Perihelion in Astro-Adventures: Tales of Scientifiction (#7) Apr. 37/1 Lawson Gage sat in the central office of Venus Development, Inc., and stared down at a sheet of yellow paper. The two-day-old Spacegram had been waiting for him on his return from a survey trip to the new radium mines, and now, reading its terse message for the third time, he realized he had but thirty minutes to make his decision.
space lane n. 1938 C. Jacobi Cosmic Teletype in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 38/2 It is believed Tarana arrived secretly on Lirius on a space ship, travelling out of patrolled space-lanes.