Jacqueline Lichtenberg

2 Quotations from Jacqueline Lichtenberg

gram v. 1976 J. Lichtenberg Recompense in Galileo Dec. 23/2 Get that nonsense out of your head! I won’t stand for it. We’re only a few hours out of Stilhza. I’ve just ’grammed the Aamidst to expect you and I am not, repeat not, going to let you make a liar out of me!
suit phone n. 1988 J. Lichtenberg Those of My Blood xxiii. 386 ‘There’s a jack here somewhere, to connect a suitphone...’ [...] Titus got the phone jack into place just in time to hear the commander’s voice say, ‘...no wild stories! Now I don’t believe—’ He broke off, and his voice was muffled as he asked, ‘What? They did? There are? You mean he’s legit?’