Phyllis Gotlieb

5 Quotations from Phyllis Gotlieb

esp v. 1999 P. Gotlieb Violent Stars vii. 248 ‘You’d better tell me all of it.’ ‘I thought you’d have esped me enough to know it.’ ‘Rummaging around in anyone’s mind is no pleasure, Gattes, and I would rather not do it unless it is necessary.’
helicab n. 1999 P. Gotlieb Violent Stars vii. 283 After a few more deep breaths she took the bullet train to London, Ontario, a helicab to Chatham, and a hoverbus where she got off at the end of an avenue lined with gnarled fruit trees, and walked a long way to a big old brick house with a veranda halfway around it.
psi n. 1964 P. Gotlieb Sunburst in Amazing Stories May 53/2 If there’s any everyday kind of psi it’s telepathy in babies and kids.
Sol III n. 1972 P. Gotlieb Son of Morning in Fantasy and Science Fiction June 4/1 By the time Khreng and Prandra came out of deepsleep the ship was in Solthree orbit. [Ibid. 34/2, with the meaning ‘person from Earth’:] Khreng sat in shul with the men of Kostopol and the Qumedon/rabbi, cursing his aching back; he prayed to the God of Solthrees with his voice and to Firemaster with his heart: Unburden me of this Shape and this World, make me a man among men on Ungruwarkh and I never lift a foot off the planet again!
tri-v n. 1964 P. Gotlieb Valedictory in Amazing Stories Aug. 51/1 She began to sing. I don’t know what, maybe a loony song from a trivvy commercial.