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Jerome Bixby

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fannishness n. 1952 J. Bixby Frying Pan in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 144 We would like to tell you a tale that beautifuly [sic] illustrates this curious facet of fannishness.
Sirian adj. 1964 J. Bixby Old Testament in Worlds of If July 99/2 ‘But why?’ Ray gasped. ‘Why should a Sirian mother—dressed in a threadbare Sirian shawl, no doubt—abandon her baby in our ship?’ ‘Why do mothers in threadbare shawls usually abandon babies?’ ‘M’m. Because they can’t support them. Or because they’re illegitimate, or something.’
Vegan n. 2 1955 J. Bixby Laboratory in If Dec. 61 ‘I told you to deactivate all our experiments,’ he snapped at Gop. ‘Don’t you understand Vegan?’ Abashed, the Junior Scientist lowered his many eyes.