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fan v. 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ Mumblings in Southern Star (#3) Aug. 5 And now, likewise, this checklist of five thousand fans. [...] Allowing two lines per name, including of course address and data on the person, such as a brief note dating and placing his first and last letters (in the event he is no longer fanning), it would require perhaps 160 pages to cover the five thousand, or slightly more.
fanning n. 1940 ‘H. P. Pong’ Quote ‘Material Is Needed’ Unquote in Le Zombie (#29) June 4 In addition, you must never mention I drink. Don’t you know that if a fan is found to be doing other things tha[n] ‘fanning’, a certain dreaded clique claims he isn’t a real fan!
sercon adj. 1955 ‘W. Tucker’ Neo-Fan’s Guide to Science Fiction Fandom 2 Serious Constructive Fan…. This fan often believes he has a Mission in fandom; he labors for some lofty Purpose…. The abbreviation infrequently used is ‘SerConFan’.
space opera n. 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ in Le Zombie Jan. 9 In these hectic days of phrase-coining, we offer one. Westerns are called ‘horse operas’, the morning housewife tear-jerkers are called ‘soap operas’. For the hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn space-ship yarn, or world-saving for that matter, we offer ‘space opera’.