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-con suffix 1940 ‘B. Tucker’ Fan Mirror in Le Zombie (#23) 10 Feb. 4 CHICON CHAT DEPT: (Beginning a new regular dept. to carry news of the coming Chicago convention).
fan v. 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ Mumblings in Southern Star (#3) Aug. 5 And now, likewise, this checklist of five thousand fans. [...] Allowing two lines per name, including of course address and data on the person, such as a brief note dating and placing his first and last letters (in the event he is no longer fanning), it would require perhaps 160 pages to cover the five thousand, or slightly more.
fankind n. 1986 ‘B. Tucker’ Convention Speech, Sort Of... in Outworlds (#49) Apr. 1637/2 [Midwestcon 37 speech] Always remember: Dr. Halley’s Comet Pills are the salvation of fankind, and a source of inspiration to the Big Name Pros. Two pills tonight, tomorrow a Hugo winner.
fanmag n. 1939 ‘B. Tucker’ in Le Zombie Mar. 2 Where, oh where, is ‘Futuria Fantasia’, the California entry into the ‘contemplated fan mags’ derby?
fanmag n. 1940 ‘B. Tucker’ in Le Zombie (No. 27) 2 LeZ plans, in the future, to print these Cullings regularly, from foreign fanmags, or American mags of small circulation, in the belief that you might otherwise not see the material.
fanning n. 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ Editorial Dissertation at the Reader’s Expense in Le Zombie (vol. 4, no. 1) Jan. 1 We trust that soon, all so-inclined fans are gathered in by the pros, and then at long last we fans may rest and continue our pleasant fanning.
fanning n. 1940 ‘H. P. Pong’ Quote ‘Material Is Needed’ Unquote in Le Zombie (#29) June 4 In addition, you must never mention I drink. Don’t you know that if a fan is found to be doing other things tha[n] ‘fanning’, a certain dreaded clique claims he isn’t a real fan!
fanzine n. 1941 B. Tucker in Le Zombie Mar.–May 3 Specula March, 10¢, bi-monthly from 1426 W. 38 St., Los Angeles, Cal. You can’t go wrong with this 76 small-page fiction fanzine.
sci-fic n. 1946 ‘B. Tucker’ Bloomington News-Letter (#2) Feb. (unpaged) New semi-slick fantasy and scific magazine to appear soon. Details scarce and confidential, but [...] quality will be reflected in the fact that yours truly, BT, has sold story to mag. (That last is a joke, gents.)
sercon adj. 1955 ‘W. Tucker’ Neo-Fan’s Guide to Science Fiction Fandom 2 Serious Constructive Fan…. This fan often believes he has a Mission in fandom; he labors for some lofty Purpose…. The abbreviation infrequently used is ‘SerConFan’.
smof n. 1973 ‘B. Tucker’ Neo-Fan’s Guide to Science Fiction Fandom (ed. 3) 10 Secret Masters of Fandom (SMOFs): People who consider themselves to be the real ‘rulers’ of fandom, making decisions by running fan politics. Actually, these poor fellows are suffering from delusions of grandeur.
space opera n. 1941 ‘B. Tucker’ in Le Zombie Jan. 9 In these hectic days of phrase-coining, we offer one. Westerns are called ‘horse operas’, the morning housewife tear-jerkers are called ‘soap operas’. For the hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn space-ship yarn, or world-saving for that matter, we offer ‘space opera’.
time-travelling adj. 1955 W. Tucker Time Bomb vi. 120 A time-traveling bomb, minus a human operator, could float right past you without need of protective devices.
topside adv. 1960 W. Tucker To Tombaugh Station in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 106/1 ‘My engines haven’t fired yet. We’re in orbit.’ ‘Oh, of course. Where in orbit?’ ‘Approaching perigee. We’ll pass and climb in a little while. You might as well stay there.’ ‘I've never fainted before,’ she said to herself. ‘You’ve never jumped topside in a bucket before. This isn’t the deluxe tour, Bristol, and this ain’t no stinking ferryboat. I can’t waste time nor money on the featherbed treatment.’
topside adv. 1960 W. Tucker To Tombaugh Station in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 97/1 The guys at the field will have to see them or you don’t go topside.