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Sirian n. 1 1981 D. Lessing Sirian Experiments 12 The end of the Conference was marked by all kinds of festivities and jollities. We were taken on trips to other Canopean colonies; invited, ‘if we were in that part of the Galaxy,’ to visit them for as long as we liked—the usual courtesies. Back on our Home Planet we Sirians lost no time. Planets in the healthy, vigorous condition of Rohanda were—and are—rare. We of the Colonial Service were all delighted and full of optimism. Incidentally, it was at that Conference that Rohanda acquired its name.
Sirian n. 2 1981 D. Lessing Sirian Experiments 113 Up and up... I thought that I would not easily make such a climb again, not that day—but when I reached the very top, I found a doorway that was curtained in thick dark red material, and on it a flake of writing ceramic that had on it the one word, in Sirian: Welcome.
Sirian adj. 1981 D. Lessing Sirian Experiments 153 There is something in Sirian nature that demands, that flourishes, in situations of challenge, provided best by the takeover of a new planet, its problems, it regulations, its development.