Rebecca Moesta

2 Quotations from Rebecca Moesta

escape ship n. 1996 K. J. Anderson & R. Moesta Jedi Under Siege xix. 173 As the escape ship fled from the Shadow Academy and the Yavin system, the last surviving guard acknowledged to himself that the military forces he left behind would be defeated utterly.
overmind n. 2001 โ€˜G. Mestaโ€™ Shadow of Xelโ€™Naga xvi. 105 These prototype Zerg had rapidly adapted and assimilated all of the native species there, and as their race grew more powerful and more intelligent, the fledgling Zerg overmind had reached a critical point, a roadblock that prevented it from expanding further. The Zerg were planet-boundโ€”until the star-sailing behemoths had wandered into the system. Immense and docile creatures of the airless void, the behemoths drifted close enough that the Overmind had called out to them with its great telepathic powers.