Irving E. Cox, Jr.

3 Quotations from Irving E. Cox, Jr.

paradise planet n. 1957 I. Cox, Jr. Second Chance in Science Fiction Quarterly May 64/2 And now, above the transparent dome, swung the green globe of the new world, the paradise-planet, the destination for the last fragment of mankind.
space pilot n. 1953 I. E. Cox, Jr. Instant of Now in Fantastic Universe Aug.–Sept. 87/1 When I've passed enough university hours I can take the promotional test and become a full-fledged space-pilot.
Venusian n. 2 1953 I. E. Cox Semantic Courtship in Science Fiction Adventures July 63/1 She could answer Thor, turn aside his quiet pleading, because she spoke to him in English. Her own language had made it possible for her to confuse word-symbols with ideas. But by questioning her, by driving her into a semantic corner, Kraela had forced her to admit her own lack of idea-referents. She could not phrase her argument in Venusian, because the argument was a structure of symbols which had no specific meaning. Paula’s comfortably secure universe fell apart.