Ron Goulart

4 Quotations from Ron Goulart

cyborg n. 1973 R. Goulart Tin Angel 72 Everyone grows and matures…even a cyborg dog.
cyborg n. 1974 R. Goulart Stungun Slim in T. Carr Universe 4 101 I understand, Joshua. I hung around with a cyborg hooker on Barafunda who was the same way.
fantasist n. 1963 R. Goulart Yes Men of Venus in Amazing Stories July 73/1 Introductory note: let me begin by expressing my thanks to the executors of the Arthur Wright Beemis estate for choosing me to complete his unfinished stories, of which this is to be the first. Like so many others I have long been an admirer of the books of the venerable fantasist.
laser pistol n. 1973 R. Goulart Tin Angel iii. 22 He pushed the button which reclosed the landcar window, holstered his laser-pistol.