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dimensional adj. 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 754/1 After all, we know little or nothing of the actual nature of space; and perhaps, in some way that we cannot imagine, the infinite is doubled upon itself in places, with dimensional folds and tucks, and short-cuts whereby the distance to Algenib or Aldebaran is merely a step.
space liner n. 1931 C. A. Smith Adventure in Futurity in Wonder Stories Apr. 1328/2 He pressed my hand briefly and then climbed aboard the space-liner; and he and Altus waved to me through the thick crystal of a sealed port as the huge vessel rose in air for its flight upon the interplanetary void. Sadly, regretting almost that I had not insisted upon accompanying them, I locked myself in the time-vessel and pulled the lever which would begin my own flight across the ages.
teleport v. 1 1931 E. M. Johnston & C. A. Smith Planet Entity in Wonder Stories Quarterly Fall 120/2 The essential elements of sea-water, minus the undesirable saline properties, can be teleported to Mars.
transdimensional adj. 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond the Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 753/1 The transdimensional adventures of Angarth and Felix Ebbonly, the city of the Flame with its strange residents and pilgrims, the immolation of Ebbonly, and the hinted return of the narrator himself for a like purpose…were very much the sort of thing that Angarth might have imagined in one of the fantastic novels for which he had become so justly famous.