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anti-gravitational adj. 1931 C. A. Smith in Wonder Stories Apr. 1236/2 I finished my descent of the cliff by the use of an anti-gravitational device.
dimension n. 1932 C. A. Smith Testament of Athammaus in Weird Tales Oct. 511/1 And there were those who whispered of even stranger blood (if one could properly call it blood) and a monstrous linkage with the swart, Protean spawn that had come down with Tsathoggua from elder worlds and exterior dimensions where physiology and geometry had both assumed an altogether inverse trend of development.
dimensional adj. 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 759/2 In these worlds, our brains would be attuned to the comprehension or apprehension of vaster and higher scientific laws, and states of entity beyond those of our present dimensional milieu.
dimensional adj. 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 754/1 After all, we know little or nothing of the actual nature of space; and perhaps, in some way that we cannot imagine, the infinite is doubled upon itself in places, with dimensional folds and tucks, and short-cuts whereby the distance to Algenib or Aldebaran is merely a step.
fantastic adj. 1942 C. A. Smith City of Singing Flame in Out of Space and Time 61 Angarth, whose fame as a writer of fantastic fiction was already very considerable, had been spending that summer among the Sierras, and had been living alone until the artist, Felix Ebbonly, went to visit him.
heat ray n. 1931 C. A. Smith Adventure in Futurity in Wonder Stories Apr. v. 1248/2 With our heat-rays and other weapons we might wipe out the revolutionists in time; but the plagues they have brought in are a different problem.
non-terrestrial adj. 1932 C. A. Smith Testament of Athammaus in Weird Tales Oct. 515/2 As for me, my scientific turn of mind, which repudiated the supernatural, led me to seek an explanation of the problem in the non-terrestrial side of Knygathin Zhaum’s ancestry. I felt sure that the forces of an alien biology, the properties of a trans-stellar life-substance, were somehow involved.
non-terrestrial adj. 1931 E. M. Johnston & C. A. Smith The Planet Entity in Wonder Stories Quarterly Fall 112/1 When…the local observatories issued a bulletin saying that the vessel had been sighted approaching the earth from translunar space on the previous night, the fact of its non[-]terrestrial genesis became established beyond dispute in the eyes of most.
port n. 1935 C. A. Smith Vulthoom in Weird Tales Sept. 336/1 Haines, the third assistant pilot of an ether-liner, had been charged with insubordination by his superiors, and had been left behind in Ignarh, the commercial metropolis of Mars, and the port of all space-traffic.
pseudo-science n. 1952 C. A. Smith Letter to L. S. de Camp in Klarkash Ton #1 (June 1988) 23/2 In the fall of 1929 I began in [sic] intensive campaign of fiction-writing, both weird and pseudo-science.
space liner n. 1931 C. A. Smith Adventure in Futurity in Wonder Stories Apr. 1328/2 He pressed my hand briefly and then climbed aboard the space-liner; and he and Altus waved to me through the thick crystal of a sealed port as the huge vessel rose in air for its flight upon the interplanetary void. Sadly, regretting almost that I had not insisted upon accompanying them, I locked myself in the time-vessel and pulled the lever which would begin my own flight across the ages.
spacemanship n. 1948 C. A. Smith Master of the Asteroid in Strange Ports of Call 13 I have passed several more of the asteroids—irregular fragments, little larger than meteoric stones; and all my skill of spacemanship had been taxed severely to avert collision.
teleport v. 1 1931 E. M. Johnston & C. A. Smith Planet Entity in Wonder Stories Quarterly Fall 120/2 The essential elements of sea-water, minus the undesirable saline properties, can be teleported to Mars.
Terrene adj. 1 1931 C. A. Smith Adventure in Futurity in Wonder Stories Apr. 1248/2 In other sections gases had been freed in the air that were harmless to both Venusians and Martians but deleterious to human beings. Vegetable moulds from Venus, which fed like malignant parasites on all terrene plant-forms, had also been introduced in a hundred places; and no one knew what else the morrow would reveal in the way of extra-planetary pests and dangers.
Terrestrial n. 1 1931 C. A. Smith Adventure in Futurity in Wonder Stories Apr. 1248/1 In the actual conflict the Venusians had suffered more heavily than the Terrestrials, and thousands of them had been slain and others compelled to flee before the superior weapons of mankind.
transdimensional adj. 1933 C. A. Smith Light From Beyond in Wonder Stories Apr. 828/1 Caught in the pull of some transdimensional vortex wrought by the crescent vessel as it departed from earth, I had followed the vessel to its own world, which adjoined ours in transcendental space.
transdimensional adj. 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond the Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 753/1 The transdimensional adventures of Angarth and Felix Ebbonly, the city of the Flame with its strange residents and pilgrims, the immolation of Ebbonly, and the hinted return of the narrator himself for a like purpose…were very much the sort of thing that Angarth might have imagined in one of the fantastic novels for which he had become so justly famous.