Robert L. Forward

8 Quotations from Robert L. Forward

deep space n. 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 131 The thought of leaving twenty brave people stranded in deep spaceโ€ฆbrought the nation up short.
free fall n. 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 6 Their commander swam in free-fall among them.
gee n. 2 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 7 The acceleration rose to one-tenth gee and they skimmed rapidly above the Earthโ€™s atmosphere.
light sail n. 1982 R. L. Forward in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Dec. 19/1 With the laser power off, Prometheus had to make do with the weak red photons from Barnard. Although not powerful enough to have slowed the lightsail in its headlong relativistic flight, the light pressure was enough to swing the sail into a looping orbit that took Prometheus on a journey past the major planets in the system.
light sail n. 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 1 The torn shred of aluminum lightsail rippled lightly down through the thin atmosphere.
Saturnian adj. 1997 R. L. Forward Saturn Rukh vii. 279 The time to leave came sooner than they thought. Four Saturnian days later, as the light from the rising Sun was turning the ammonia clouds above them a bright reddish-orange, Rod checked in on the control deck after breakfast, taking over the pilot console to give Chastity a chance to have something to eat too.
spacecraft n. 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 8 Prepare for an authorized inspection of a foreign spacecraft.
stun gun n. 1990 R. L. Forward Rocheworld 52 There was a slap of hands on stungun gutts.