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Mary Anne Mohanraj

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avian adj. 2013 M. A. Mohanraj Stars Change 10 But he knew where to go. To the eastern edge of campus, near the Warren, where the monsters lived. Avian, saurian, gasbags, methane breathers—all the bizarre variations the universe had offered up, once humans escaped the confines of Old Earth. All the aliens that could survive on a planet’s surface, in human-comfortable temperatures, at any rate.
jumpship n. 2022 M. A. Mohanraj Hush in Tomorrow, she’d be sad for her planet, her people, herself, that she couldn’t trust the police to do the right thing. Today, she had someone to escort safely home. That was what Jenny did—when she flew the Jumpships, between the stars. All those people, traveling and tired, relying on Jenny to help them home to their families. She couldn’t solve the larger problems. But right now, this much, she could do.
meatspace n. 2013 M. A. Mohanraj Stars Change iii. 113 The net-world might be thin, attenuated, compared to meat-space. But here, finally, connections sprang into being as fast as she could imagine them; her code spiraled up in delicate minarets and cascading towers.
port n. 2022 M. A. Mohanraj Hush in Inside the parking garage, the walls were plastered with anti-alien posters, which was particularly spiteful, considering how many aliens came through the port.