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Edmund Cooper

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matter transmission n. 1975 E. Cooper in Science Fiction Monthly (vol. 2, no. 4) 11/2 When you have two molecules trying to occupy the same space at the same time, you get an atomic explosion, so matter transmission is not possible.
space-born adj. 2 1956 E. Cooper Question of Time in Fantastic Universe May 112/1 The men of Star Base Three, looking at their chief, saw in the strange brilliance of his eyes a vision of solar expansion, the dream of a space-born civilization bridging the star-gaps.
starbase n. 1956 E. Cooper Question of Time in Fantastic Universe 114/2 At last, the work of demolition was completed. With the wrecking of the dormitory and living-unit, Star Base Three was completely razed to the ground.
Terrene n. 1958 E. Cooper Tomorrowโ€™s Gift 124 Lukas and his companions saw that the inhabitants of Fomalhaut Three were almost uniformly tallโ€”each of them about two inches higher than Alsdorf, who was the tallest of the terrenes.
Terrene adj. 1 1956 E. Cooper End of Journey in Fantastic Universe Feb. iv. 16/2 Perhaps Kobler had succeeded. Perhaps the galaxy M 81 had been entered by a terrene ship for the first time... Much good it would do the United Space Corporation! [...] Then suddenly he realized that if the Santa Maria had indeed reached M 81, the planet Earth was not only sixteen hundred thousand light years away, it was also sixteen hundred thousand years ago.