Andrew A. Whyte

3 Quotations from Andrew A. Whyte

gateway n. 1978 A. Whyte The Aleph in Galileo (#9) July 83/3 Popular amusements in the days of Queen Victoria were those eggs with peephole windows through which one glimpsed a view of some exotic panorama…. This particular egg was not merely a window on a strange scene, but a gateway to another dimension.
matter-transmitting adj. 1976 A. Whyte Aleph in Galileo Sept. 24/2 This novel…concerns rival corporate space mining enterprises which routinely utilize matter-transmitting devices.
uchronia n. 1976 A. A. Whyte Aleph in Galileo Magazine (#2) 84/2 A uchronia, or alternate universe story by a well-known mainstream author.