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condom n. 1986 D. Langford Ansible (#45) Feb. 4/1 (heading) CONDOM [list of upcoming conventions].
dark fantasy n. 1987 D. Langford in White Dwarf Dec. 13/1 ‘Dark fantasy’ is today’s posh word for ‘horror’; Barker’s considerable talents in this area lead to a few gobs of gratuitous nastiness, and also some terrific creations.
Frankenstein complex n. 2002 D. Langford The Last Robot Story in 3SF Dec. 13/2 The unknown terrorist cabal is trying to trade on humanity’s Frankenstein complex by throwing the blame on to robots—despite the incontrovertible fact, known to every schoolchild, that the First Law of Robotics will not permit a robot to harm a human being nor by inaction allow a human being to come to harm, while the Second Law…What’s wrong?
infodump n. 1993 D. Langford Editor my Destination in Quantum Spring–Summer 13/3 Worst of all, the crucial repetition of the ’Gully Foyle is my name‘ jingle near the end of the book is lost—jettisoned along with the disposable info-dump sentence that reminds us who the Scientific People are.
scientifictional adj. 1996 D. Langford in Interzone June 20/2 John Wyndham’s papers are up for sale…. George Hay, founder of the SFF, is not so keen and would prefer investment in other, more scientifictional areas.
shared world n. 1989 D. Langford in GamesMaster June 82/1 Deal mortal blows to the brain by sending ‘shared world anthologies’ in which many writers set stories in the same fictional ‘universe’.
skiffy n. 2005 D. Langford in Ansible (#216) July Meanwhile someone has decided that the award-nominated cover design, with its striking NASA/JPL Jupiter photograph, was not skiffy enough. Therefore, stars have been added. Stars which shine straight through that gas-giant planet and its moon. Really science-fictional stars.
wetware n. 1986 D. Langford Critical Mass: To Be Continued in White Dwarf Aug. 9 You may not believe in killer programs which invade the brain, but Neuromancer, if you once let it into your wetware, isn’t easily erased.