Michael A. Martin

4 Quotations from Michael A. Martin

disintegrator n. 2010 M. A. Martin Seize the Fire 395 Ereb is appalled at the very idea of executions. I think we can trust that her disc is some sort of transporter, and not a matter-disintegrator of some kind.
esper n. 2010 M. A. Martin Seize the Fire 484 โ€˜I sense... a great deal of activity in the commanderโ€™s brain,โ€™ Troi said. โ€˜I apologize. I didnโ€™t mean to intrude.โ€™ โ€˜Not at all. Vulcan thoughts and emotions can be difficult for esper species to avoid sensing.โ€™
everywhen n. 1996 M. A. Martin Spelunking at the Cavern in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 18 โ€˜Who first invented the timefield generator?โ€™ I asked. My Other shrugged. โ€˜Who knows? Once it was invented, it must have spread into everywhere and everywhen.โ€™
sublight n. 2010 M. A. Martin Seize the Fire v. 89 We could take Titan into the inner system at high warp, drop to sublight just long enough to treat that flying weapon to a brace of quantum torpedoes, and then throttle back up to warp nine or better before they even know what hit them.