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Clarke orbit n. 2014 J. C. Wright Judge of Ages x. 215 So that is the situation we find ourselves inβ€”trapped, doomed, abandoned, and the Hyades skyhook is about to float over us and yank us up into a Clarke orbit for transshipment to Alpha Centauri, but if the skyhook don’t get us, a Melusine called a Paramount is coming to brain-rape us, and absorb us into its soul vampire-style, but more neuroelectronically.
Earth-normal adj. 2011 J. C. Wright Count to a Trillion viii. 147 We are somewhat apart in age, out of synch, as her body, born in space, could not adjust properly to earth[-]normal conditions, and years she spent in ageless slumber while a cure was sought.
slugthrower n. 2001 J. C. Wright Forgotten Causes in Absolute Magnitude Summer 34/2 The blow struck the joint where the slugthrower was coming up out of its cleaning holster.
spaceboat n. 2015 J. C. Wright Architect of Aeons ii. 38 The clipper ship was large enough that even their fifty-foot-long, fifteen-foot-beam spaceboat was a small bundle dangled over the side.
Tellus n. 2015 J. C. Wright The Architect of Aeons V. i. 13 The nigh-to-lightspeed starship Emancipation hung in space in the spot where Tellus, the home of man, was in theory supposed to be.