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Aldebaranian n. 1 1964 C. Anvil Merry Christmas from Outer Space! in Fantastic Stories of Imagination Dec. 123/2 We now have their installation bugged with a thousand percent overlap in all directions, and are taking out valuable information by the bucket. They are just as anxious to close out this operation as you are. If this gets to be too much, take a Z-capsule and hold your breath for a moment. This will give the temporary outward effect of apoplexy, which is exactly what the Aldebaranians would expect of a Terran in this spot.
contragravity n. 1965 ‘C. Anvil’ Plateau in Amazing Stories Mar. 71/2 You have endless power, can control atomic and molecular structure, process metals, set up impenetrable barriers, create contragravity, [etc.].
gravitically adv. 1958 ‘C. Anvil’ Foghead in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 43/2 THIS AMOUNTS TO ITS BEING CORRECTLY POSITIONED GRAVITICALLY…IF NOT LEVEL IT CANNOT FUNCTION.
jump point n. 1964 ‘C. Anvil’ Bill for Delivery in Analog Science Fact–Science Fiction Nov. 76/2 It makes it kind of rough if, through no fault of your own, the gravitor gives out before its triple-clad warranty period is up, or a jump-point slides out of congruity and hangs the ship up in the middle of nowhere for a month.
slugthrower n. 1957 C. Anvil Compensation in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 60/2 That thing on his hip was a hand weapon, an explosive-powered slug-thrower if I ever saw one.
terrene adj. 2 1964 ‘C. Anvil’ Speed-Up! in Amazing Stories Jan. 29/2 Efflux radiation is to ordinary radiation much as contra-terrene matter is to terrene matter.
viewscreen n. 1958 ‘C. Anvil’ Cargo for Colony 6 in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 68/2 Directly in front of Nevv, the viewscreen flared and lit up, showing a remarkably broad-shouldered individual, with a wide head and wider neck.