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jaunt v. 1981 S. King The Jaunt in Twilight Zone Magazine June 22/1 Carew only Jaunted once more in his entire life. [Ibid. 23/1] It’s the first object we have that was actually teleported—Jaunted—across space.
saucerian n. 1983 S. King Playboy Interview (June, 1983) in Bare Bones (1989) 39 [Learning just before he saw Earth vs. the Flying Saucers that the USSR had launched Sputnik] A transition from fantasy to a real world suddenly became far more ominous and threatening. And as I sat there, the film concluded with the voices of the malignant invading saucerians echoing from the screen in a final threat: ‘Look to your skies... A warning will come from your skies... Look to your skies...’ I still find it impossible to convey, even to my own kids, how terribly frightened and alone and depressed I felt at that moment.
space gun n. 2 1984 S. King Ballad of the Flexible Bullet in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 45/1 Somehow that rotten little kid was shooting Rackne, killing it with a two-dollar space gun from Kresge’s.
thought wave n. 2008 S. King Duma Key XIII. ix. 402 As for you, your talent’s empathy. And on Duma Key, empathy got raised to telepathy. [...] Would you trade one for the other in any case? Your eyesight for the occasional thoughtwave?