Jasper Fforde

2 Quotations from Jasper Fforde

anywhen adv. 2001 J. Fforde Eyre Affair 2 I wasn’t a member of the ChronoGuard. I never wanted to be. By all accounts it’s not a huge barrel of laughs, although the pay is good and the service boasts a retirement plan second to none: a one-way ticket to anywhere and anywhen you want.
time crime n. 2004 J. Fforde Something Rotten viii. 97 β€˜Hello,’ said a prerecorded voice. β€˜You’re through to the Swindon ChronoGuard. To assist with your inquiry, we have a number of choices. If you have been the victim of temporal flexation, dial one. If you wish to report a temporal anomaly, dial two. If you feel you might have been involved in a timecrime...’