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cold sleep n. 1966 R. Zelazny in New Worlds SF Aug. 118 When the figures arrived, Jarry wept icy tears. One hundred machines, capable of altering the environment of a world, plus twenty-eight thousand coldsleep bunkers, plus transportation costs for the machinery and his people.
cold sleep n. 1966 R. Zelazny in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 22/1 After several turns at ship’s guard, interspersed with periods of cold sleep, you tend to grow claustrophobic and somewhat depressed.
laser gun n. 1963 R. Zelazny Nine Starships Waiting in Fantastic Mar. 100/2 He caressed a laser-gun the size of an automatic pencil, then slipped it into his breast pocket.
laser rifle n. 1963 R. Zelazny Nine Starships Waiting in Fantastic Stories Mar. 111/2 Soot-barrelled laser rifles protruding through ink-dipped fronts.
shapechange v. 1980 R. Zelazny Roadmarks 140 The engine started as Red leaped into the vehicle. The doors slammed. A window began closing. Another shape-change commenced.
shapeshifter n. 1977 R. Zelazny in Galaxy Nov. 11/2 ‘And your appearance… It was altered on a number of occasions when I saw you walk the Pattern. How? Also, why?’ ‘All whose origins involve Chaos are shapeshifters.’
shapeshifter n. 1982 R. Zelazny Eye of Cat (1983) 29 They're shapeshifters. They have a kind of mental control over their bodies.
skimmer n. 1965 R. Zelazny in Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 11/1, I stood and drew her to her feet as it buzzed in low—a Radson Skimmer: a twenty-foot cockleshell of reflection and transparency; flat-bottomed, blunt-nosed.
space piracy n. 1963 R. Zelazny King Solomon's Ring in Fantastic Oct. 61/2 No more professional advice on space piracy.
supernova n. 1995 R. Zelazny Three Descents of Jeremy Baker in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 127 We were once a race of material beings but we were sufficiently evolved that when we saw our sun was going to go supernova we elected to transform ourselves into this state and study it rather than flee.
tractor beam n. 1965 R. Zelazny The Furies in Amazing Stories June 16/2 As the tractor beams had seized it, as the vibrations penetrated its ebony hull and tore at his flesh, Corgo had called…and died just as the words and the tears began.
tri-D n. 1966 R. Zelazny in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 22/2 After appearing on tri-dee a couple times [sic] , sounding off about interstellar culture, and flashing her white, white teeth, she picked up a flush contract.