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Aldebaranian adj. 1995 A.-T. Castro Just a Couple of Extinct Aliens Riding Around in a Limo in Science Fiction Age Jan. 41 Vossoff simply ignored it and watched a spellbindingly bad in-flight movie made by some misguided alien producers who had thought they could duplicate an old-fashioned terran Western using an all extraterrestrial cast. He thought the Aldebaranian squid-thing cast as Wyatt Earp (and wearing a standard-issue tin star and white hat) was worth the price of admission all by itself.
Betelgeusean adj. 1996 A.-T. Castro Just a Couple of Pastrami Sandwiches in a Living Room the Size of Infinity in Science Fiction Age July 89/1 It had been a beautiful ceremony, in the way that all chaos is beautiful [...] She’d invited over five hundred of the galaxy’s most noted and influential sentients, of not only this era but (thanks to time travel) others; she’d seated them in floating tiers above the molten floor of the Betelgeusian Church of Universal Entropy and given them each a queen’s ransom in pure phlogiston just as a reward for showing up.
skin job n. 1 2018 A.-T. Castro Stab of the Knife in Analog Science Fiction & Fact July–Aug. 22/1 She’s had a cosmetic skin job, too, apparently to accentuate the impression she already gives of a person one should not, under any circumstances, mess with. It has given her blockish features a bright and metallic gold tint.
space cruiser n. 1997 A.-T. Castro Just a Couple… in Science Fiction Age Mar. 42/1 He stood on the gleaming control decks of Nimmitz’s brand-new top of the line space cruiser, immobilized by an automatic ship’s security stasis field, threatening bloody revenge at the imbecilic ex-partner smiling at him from the opposite side of the control room.