John Ringo

14 Quotations from John Ringo

aircab n. 2004 L. Evans & J. Ringo Road to Damascus iii. 38 The aircab took the winding turn through Maze Gap that would lead to Klameth Canyon, dipping and bumping as they encountered turbulent air at the edge of the weather front that had left Madison socked in beneath rain clouds.
congoer n. 2012 J. Ringo Queen of Wands 147 She’d spent the whole night in one corner or another watching the congoers. It was more or less how she’d spent high school, watching all the kids socialize around her and never being able to break in.
core n. 2005 J. Ringo & M. Z. Williamson The Hero i. 8 There were indications from scouting ships that the Blobs were planning on attacking towards the Core worlds with a large fleet.
core n. 2005 J. Ringo & M. Z. Williamson The Hero i. 9 But the line of advance was the question. While Earth and the Core might not care, the Islendian Republic didn’t wish to be the route used.
force screen n. 2009 J. Ringo Eye of the Storm 75 It was unsettling because of the flicker of a Personal Area Force-screen—the PAF set up in the anticipated direction of attack.
gripping hand n. 2005 J. Ringo Emerald Sea 446 On the gripping hand, we’re planning on feeding them to our dragons.
groundcar n. 2004 L. Evans & J. Ringo Road to Damascus ii. 19 As he watched people jumping out of groundcars to greet them, newly arrived from their orbital transport, he couldn’t help wondering how many of them would hate him by the end of his mission.
impeller n. 2003 J. Ringo There Will Be Dragons iii. 31 Take for example power skiing. All that you had to work with was a small T handle. This generated a shield-shaped force-field under foot and an impeller wave. The impeller could be used to hover the craft or push it forward. By driving forward over the water, with the anti-gravity neutralized, the system could be used to ski across the surface of the water using weight to adjust the angle of attack and turns.
jump n. 2004 L. Evans & J. Ringo Road to Damascus ii. 24 Private yachts that weren’t designed for hyper-L hops that long and dangerous. Merchant ships shot to pieces before they made the jump out.
Sol III n. 2007 J. Ringo & J. Cochrane Sister Time i. 1 (heading) Tuesday 10/12/54 Chicago, USA, Sol III
Standard n. 2001 D. Weber & J. Ringo March Upcountry (2002) 263 As long as they used Standard, no one was going to be able to know what they were talking about.
star system n. 2004 L. Evans & J. Ringo Road to Damascus ii. 24 It takes a desperate captain and crew to try crossing the Silurian Void, especially in some of the ships we’ve had limping through our star system.
tractor n. 2011 J. Ringo Citadel xxxiv. 476 ‘We should retreat as fast as possible,’ Marshall Lhi’Kasishaj said. ‘Hook up the tractors of the ships and pull the docks through the gate. Kulo only knows what the Terrans are going to send through any moment now. They’ve clearly been building ships faster than anyone anticipated.’
tractor field n. 2006 J. Ringo & T. S. Taylor Von Neumann’s War 242 They’ve apparently got a limited range on this tractor field.