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countergravity n. 1937 S. A. Coblentz in Astounding Stories Sept. 52/1 For every force there must be a counterforce! For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction! That is a fundamental law. It must apply to gravity as much as to anything. And, by Jove, if it can be found, I'm going to discover that countergravity—and apply it!
fantastic n. 1 1923 S. A. Coblentz Science, Pestilence and Deliverer in N.Y. Times Book Review 9 Sept. 2/5 A notable scientific romance by a professional scientist is ‘Urania,’ by Camille Flammarion. In this beautiful and impressive tale, wherein the author draws both upon his imagination and upon his astronomical knowledge to transport the reader not only to the planet Mars but to the remotest depths of interstellar space, there is a philosophic undercurrent that makes the book a delight to the serious reader as well as to the lover of the fantastic.
Saturnian n. 1 1933 S. A. Coblentz Men Without Shadows in Amazing Stories Oct. ii. 498/1 The sooner you learn the folly of disobedience, the better we will all get along together. Understand, then, that we Saturnians are equipped with electrical knowledge beyond your wildest imaginings.
Saturnian n. 2 1942 S. A. Coblentz Crystal Planetoids in Amazing Stories May 116/1 ‘Thur-glut-nu! Thur-glut-nu!’ came terribly, in the Saturnian tongue.
superspace n. 1939 S. A. Coblentz Lord of Tranerica in Dynamic Science Stories Feb. 16/1 ‘By the white fires!’ he tought [sic], as he gloomily surveyed the dimension-machine, which now was little more than a twisted mass of wreckage. ‘This ends my experiments with super-space! Ah, well! I suppose I'll have to resign myself. I'll never be anything more for the rest of my life than dictator of half the world!’
time radio n. 1938 S. A. Coblentz Through the Time-Radio in Marvel Science Stories Aug. 85/2 After we have finished excavating, we will take a look through the time-radio. And then we shall know everything. [Ibid. 86/1] The time-radio—or, rather, the time-radio-televisor—has already achieved remarkable results…. Why not construct a machine that will pierce the fourth dimension…and show us past and future events?