Charles Cloukey

3 Quotations from Charles Cloukey

imaginative adj. 1928 C. Cloukey Sub-Satellite in Amazing Stories Mar. 1198/2 I wonder if a queerer situation was ever conceived by the most scatter-brained writer of imaginative fiction. A madman on a mountain of the moon, with an ultra-modern machine gun, attempting to kill two men whom he considered his enemies, who had taken refuge in a crevice between two boulders on the summit of another lunar mountain, from which crevice they dared not emerge.
Terrestrial n. 2 [1931 C. Cloukey In the Spacesphere in Wonder Stories June 32/1 Even when his name was phonetically transliterated into Terrestrial spelling, he kept the same system.]
time paradox n. [1929 C. Cloukey Paradox in Amazing Stories Quarterly Summer 390/2 Someone, sometime later than 2806, copied Dwar Smit’s earleist calculations and directions, traveled back through time, and left them in your friend’s mail box. Dr. Hawkinson could therefore copy a machine that was not really made until centuries after his death! It sounds almost incredible at first. It’s what you might call a paradox.]